Ashley Hudson
Ashley Hudson
5 ft. 4 in.
118 pounds
Hair Color:
Light Brown
Hair Length:
Shoulder Length
27 1/2
Shoe Size:
8 1/2
Coat/Dress Size:
Caucasian / White
PDF Resume:
PDF Head Shot:
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Action Coordinator / Action Director
Action Reel
Film Credits
Killers of the Flower Moon (Gray Horse)Stunt Actor - Blackie’s WifeStephan Pope (Stunt Coordinator) / Martin Scorsese (Director)
For the Love of MoneyStunt CoordinatorLeslie Small (Director)
Killer InfatuationStunt CoordinatorEmily Dell (Director) / Lifetime Network
NoelleStunt Double for Anna Kendrick (Additional Photography)Steve Ritzi (Stunt Coordinator)
Night TeethUtility Stunts - Air Ram RiggerChelsea Bruland (Stunt Coordinator)
The HuntStunt Double for Sylvia Grace CrimHank Amos and Heidi Moneymaker (Stunt Coordinators) / Craig Zobel (Director)
Good SamaritanStunt Actor - House IntruderMatty Thompson (Stunt Coordinator) / Jeffrey Reddick (Director)
The MistressStunt CoordinatorGreg Pritikin (Director)
Happy Death Day 2UStunt Double for Laura CliftonMark Rayner (Stunt Coordinator) / Christopher Landon (Director)
Pitch Perfect 3Stunt Doubled Anna KendrickJennifer Badger (Stunt Coordinator) / Trish Sie (Director)
LoganStunt DoubleGarrett Warren (Stunt Coordinator), James Mangold (Director)
BaywatchUtility StuntsKevin Scott (2nd Unit Director, SC), Clay Cullen & JJ Dashnaw (Stunt Coordinators) / Seth Gordon (Director)
D.O.A. Blood RiverStunt CoordinatorStephen C. Sepher (Director)
Trailer Park SharkStunt Coordinator Griff Furst (Director)
SuperConUtility Stunts, Air Ram RiggerTim Bell (Stunt Coordinator) / Zak Knutson (Director)
Broken GhostStunt Coordinator Richard Gray (Director)
Bad MomsStunt Actress /Stunt Driving Double for Mila KunisJeff Galpin (Stunt Coordinator) / Jon Lucas & Scott Moore
The Free WorldStunt doubled Elizabeth MossChuck Picerni (Stunt Coordinator) / Jason Lew (Director)
When the Starlight EndsStunt CoordinatorAdam Sigal (Director)
The AccountantStunt Double for Anna KendrickSam Hargrave (Stunt Coordinator), Gavin O'Connor (Director)
GeostormStunt PerformerCharlie Croughwell (Stunt Coordinator), Dean Devlin (Director)
AbattoirStunt Double for Jackie TuttleStanton Barrett (Stunt Coordinator) / Darren Lynn Bousman (Director)
Terminator: GenisysUtility StuntsJohn Stoneham Jr., Gary Hymes, Melissa Stubbs (Stunt Coordinators) / Alan Taylor (Director)
The Fantastic FourStunt Rigger: Air RamJeff Dashnaw (Stunt Coordinator) / Josh Trank (Director)
Pitch Perfect 2Stunt Double for Anna KendrickCasey O'Neill (Stunt Coordinator) / Elizabeth Banks (Director)
Fast & Furious 7Stunt PerformerJoel Kramer (Stunt Coordinator), Oakley Lehman (2nd Unit Stunt Coordinator) / James Wan (Director)
Spongebob Squarepants the Movie 2Stunt ActorScott Rogers (Stunt Coordinator) / Paul Tibbitt (Director)
MaggieStunt ActressBilly Lucas (Stunt Coordinator) / Henry Hobson (Director)
Left BehindUtility StuntsToby Holguin (Stunt Coordinator) / Vic Armstrong (Director)
Feathers (Short Film)Stunt CoordinatorGear Up Stunts / Tribeca Film Institute
The Maze RunnerStunt PerformerTroy Robinson (Stunt Coordinator) / Wes Ball (Director)
Dawn of the Planet of the ApesStunt PerformerCharlie Croughwell (Stunt Coordinator) / Matt Reeves (Director)
Bonnie & Clyde: Dead and AliveStunt Double for Holliday GraingerBill Scharpf (Stunt Coordinator) / Bruce Beresford (Director)
Navy Seals vs. ZombiesStunt PerformerStanton Barrett (Stunt Coordinator), Stanton Barrett (Director)
The Starving GamesStunt Double for Maiara Walsh Danny Epper (Stunt Coordinator)/Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer (Directors)
Dark TalesStunt Double for Zibby AllenDanny Epper (Stunt Coordinator)
Olympus Has FallenStunt Double for Melissa LeoKeith Woulard (Stunt Coordinator) / Antoine Fuqua (Director)
Extinction EventStunt Doubled Tonetta WeaverBobby King (Stunt Coordinator) / John Murlowski (Director)
Down to the Last (Short)Stunt CoordinatorGear Up Stunts, LLC
Beautiful CreaturesStunt Performer / Air Ram RiggerChuck Picerni (Stunt Coordinator) / Richard LaGravenese (Director)
Now You See MeStunt PerformerStephan Pope (Stunt Coordinator) / Louis Leterrier (Director)
Texas Chainsaw 3DStunt Double for Tania Raymonde / Utility StuntsSteve Griffin (Stunt Coordinator) / John Luessenhop (Director)
StolenStunt PerformerNoon Orsatti (Stunt Coordinator) / Simon West (Director)
21 Jump StreetND Stunt DriverGeorge Aguilar (Stunt Coordinator) / Phil Lord, Chris Miller (Directors)
The EastStunt Double for Hilary BaackKevin Beard (Stunt Coordinator) / Zal Batmanglij (Director)
Beast of the Southern WildStunt DoubleDanny Epper (Stunt Coordinator) / Benh Zeitlin (Director)
ArachnoquakeStunt Double for Olivia HardtBill Scharpf (Stunt Coordinator) / Griff Furst (Director)
Green LanternStunt PerformerGary Powell (Stunt Coordinator) / Martin Campbell (Director)
Season of the WitchStunt PerformerAndy Armstrong (Stunt Coordinator) / Dominic Sena (Director)
SuperStunt Double for Ellen PageGregg Brazzel (Stunt Coordinator) / James Gunn (Director)
BewareStunt Double for Lorena King / Utility StuntsChris Hadley (Stunt Coordinator) / Jason Daly (Director)
Swamp SharkStunt Double for Kristy SwansonLeigh Hennessey (Stunt Coordinator) / Griff Furst (Director)
RemnantsStunt PerformerBobby King (Stunt Coordinator) / Peter Engert (Director)
DeadlineStunt Double for Brittany Murphy and Thora BirchPhil O'Dell (Stunt Coordinator) / Sean McConville (Director)
Cold MoonStuntsBill Scharpf (Stunt Coordinator), Griff Furst (Director)
Eat, Brains, LoveStunt ActorStanton Barrett (Stunt Coordinator) / Rodman Flender (Director)
Ultra Violet & Black ScorpianStunt PeformerJames Lew (Stunr Coordinator) / Disney
ClawsStunt Double for Julie Ann EmeryMonty Simmons (Stunt Coordinator)
The Purge2 Episodes, StuntsChelsea Bruland (Stunt Coordinator)
The RookieUtility StuntsMelissa Stubbs (Stunt Coordinator)
PreacherStunt PerformerJohn Koyama (Stunt Coordinator)
Mr. MercedesStunt Actress (Vivica)Mike Gunther (Stunt Coordinator)
NCIS: New Orleans5 Episodes, Stunt DoubleJonathan Auther (Stunt Coordinator)
Scream QueensStunt Double for Jennifer AspenJim Henry (Stunt Coordinator)
ZooStunt Double for Adria TennorJeff Galpin (Stunt Coordinator)
American Horror Story: Freak ShowStunt PerformerJim Henry (Stunt Coordinator)
Astronaut Wives ClubStunt Double for Zoe BoyleDanny Epper (Stunt Coordinator)
American Horror Story: CovenStunt Double for Taissa FarmigaJim Henry (Stunt Coordinator)
SalemStunt Double for Mary Katherine O'DonnellJim Henry (Stunt Coordinator)
The Vampire Diaries2 Episodes, Stunt Double John Copeman (Stunt Coordinator)
Common LawStunt Double for Hedy BurressBuddy Joe Hooker (Stunt Coordinator)
TremePrecision DriverDanny Epper (Stunt Coordinator)
TurboTaxActress/Stunt performer (Mermaid)Mike Yahn (Stunt Coordinator)
United Airlines Stunt Double Jamie AndersonJoel Kramer (Stunt Coordinator) / Martin Campbell (Director)
Music Videos
Motion Capture
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Ratchets, High Fall, Squibs, Air Rams, Precision Driving, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Reactions, Water Safety: CERTIFIED, Certified Scuba Diver - PADI, Rappelling, Wire Work, Fire Burns, Weapons ~ General, Car Hits, I Ground Pound, Motion Capture, Dialogue, TRAINING: Rick Seaman's Super Level 1, Stunt Driving, Driving: 180's, Driving: 360's, Low Falls 30'-Under, Martial Arts: Krav Maga, Weapons: Guns, Mini Tramp, Fire Burns ~ Prep & Safety, Tumbling ~ Basic, Med-Fall 30'-60', Prat Falls, Rescue Diver: CERTIFIED, Descender, Decelerator, Motorcycle: "M" Licence, Stair Falls, Fire: Full Burn, Stage Fighting, Weapons: Pistol, Weapons: Shotgun
Unique Talents:
Athletic Skills: Basketball, Cycling, Rollerblading, Swimming, Softball, Volleyball
Spoken Languages:
Nola Flyboarding, New Orleans, LA, Flyboarding, Tony Bertucci, 2014
Rick Seaman's Stunt Driving, Los Angeles, California, Stunt Driving, Rick Seaman, 2011, Super Level 1
Street Smart, New Orleans, LA, Krav Maga, 2013
Concealed Weapons Certification Course, Pontchatoula, Louisiana, Weapons, Chris Gideon, 2012
NAUI Rescue Diving, CPR, Pensacola, Florida, Rescue Diving Certification, 2011
Fire Burn Clinic, Orlando, Florida, 2009
Stunt Training, Los Angeles, California, 2008
Air Ram Training, Los Angeles, California, 2009
Fight Training, Orlando, Florida / New Orleans, Louisiana, 2009
Scuba Xtreme, Shreveport, Louisiana, SSI Certified Diver, 2005
Harley Davidson Rider's Edge Course, New Orleans, Louisiana, Motorcycle, 2011
Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana, Performing Arts, 2007
Available on RequestAvailable on Request
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Industrial, Internet Projects, Music Video, Television, Theater, Video Game / Motion Capture
Job Categories: Dialogue / Acting, Directing, Stunts, Writing, Stunt Coordinator, Motion Capture, 2nd Unit Editor, Stunt Double, Stunt Performer
Prior Job Title(s): Stunt Double, Utility Stunt, Stunt Rigger
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: Louisiana
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: Georgia
Do you have a valid passport?: yes