Aviel Ayoung
Aviel Ayoung
5 ft. 9 in.
185 pounds
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
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Coat/Dress Size:
African American / Black, Caribbean, Latin/Hispanic, Mixed, Other
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United States
2022 Stunt Reel
Stunt Acting Reel
Film Credits
The Harder They FallFight Choreographer & Utility StuntsStunt Co. Keith Woulard & Johnny Yang
Free Guy Stunt Double: Lil Rel HoweryStunt Co. Chris O' Hara
All Day and A NightStunt Actor : DriverStunt Co. Don Lee
Call Of The WildStunt Actor: Ice Man #2Stunt Co. : Charlie Croughwell
Birds Of Prey Utility Stunts : Gauntlet CopStunt Co. Jon Eusebio & Jon Valera
PhobiasFight Choreographer & Utility Stunts Stunt Co. Sam Situmorang
Dolemite is My NameUtility Stunts & Stunt DoubleStunt Co. Billy Washington
Black Panther Utility StuntsStunt Co. Andy Gill & Jon Eusebio
John HenryUtility StuntsStunt Co. Sam Situmorang
Army Of OneDrill SergeantDir. Stephen Durham
Follow MeStunt Double: Denzel WhittakerStunt Co. Jess Harbeck
RISEUtility StuntsStunt Co. Sam Situmorang
Bright Utility Stunts : Officer Duncan -addt'l photographyStunt Co. Scott Rogers
True To The GameUtility StuntsStunt Co. Billy Washington
Honey 2 Principal Dancer: 718 Crew MemberDir. Bille Woodruff
Step Up 3DPrincipal Dancer: World Jam FinalistDir. Jon Chu
Obi Wan KenobiStunt ActorStunt Co. Jon Eusebio
Animal Kingdom S6E1Stunt Double : Larry BatesStunt Co. Clay Cullen
The Orville S3E8Stunt Double & Utility StuntsStunt Co. Tim Davison
SEAL TEAM S4E14Utility StuntsStunt Co. Freddie Boucieges
SEAL TEAM S4E13Utility StuntsStunt Co. Freddie Boucieges
SEAL TEAM S4E12Utility StuntsStunt Co. Freddie Boucieges
Truth Be Told S2E4Stunt Double: Mekhi PhiferStunt Co. Logan Holladay (Jim Sharp)
9-1-1 S4E8 Utility StuntsStunt Co. Shauna Duggins
9-1-1 S4E7Utility StuntsStunt Co. Shauna Duggins
9-1-1 S4E6Stunt Double : Thomas Daniel SmithStunt Co. Shauna Duggins
S.W.A.T. S4E13Stunt Actor: Irving Stunt Co. Austen Brewer
BlindSpotting s1e3Utility StuntsStunt Co. Nico Woulard
The Old Man s1e3Stunt Double : Gbenga AkinnagbeStunt Co. Tim Connolly & Hank Kingi Jr.
General Hospital #14474 Stunt Actor : Cyrus GunmanStunt Co. Malosi Leonard
S.W.A.T. s3e15Stunt Double: Ashlee BrianStunt Co. Charlie Brewer
ALL THAT s11Stunt Double: Kel MitchellStunt Co. Rex Reddick
Brooklyn Nine Nine s7e12Stunt Double : Andre BraugherStunt Co. Norman Howell
9-1-1 Lonestar s1e4Stunt Double: Brian Michael SmithStunt Co. Jim Vickers
9-1-1 Lonestar s1e1Stunt Double: Brian Michael SmithStunt Co. Jim Vickers
Mayan MC s2e5Stunt Actor: Fire Fighter #3Stunt Co. Norman Howell
SEAL TEAM s3e5Utility Stunt Stunt Co. Mike Massa
Marvel Runaway's s3e8-9Stunt Double: Aubrey JosephStunt Co. Nick Bretts
Agents of Shield s6e6Utility Stunts : Royal Hydra Guard #2Stunt Co. Tanner Gill
S.W.A.T. e3s10Stunt Double : Victor KamwendoStunt Co. Charlie Brewer
S.W.A.T. s3e8Stunt Double: Justin James FarleyStunt Co. Jake Swallow
The Letter to The King s1e1Stunt Double (Horse Riding): Ken Nwosu Stunt Co. Radek Bruna
The Letter to The King s1e3Stunt Double (Horse Riding): Ken NwosuStunt Co. Radek Bruna
S.W.A.T. s2e20Utility StuntsStunt Co. Charlie Brewer & Austen Brewer
Mythic Quest s1e5Utility StuntsStunt Co. Marc Scizak
L.A.'s Finest s1e12Utility StuntsStunt Co. Kieth Woulard
SnowFall s2e10Stunt Actor: Bench InmateStunt Co. Tim Gilbert
Brooklyn Nine Nine s6e4Utility StuntsStunt Co. Norman Howell
Counterpart s2e5Utility StuntStunt Co. Shauna Duggins
Shooter s3e5Utility StuntsStunt Co. Tierre Turner
Unsolved s1e4Utility StuntsStunt Co. Tierre Turner
Luke Cage s2e5Stunt Actor: Broker #3Stunt Co. Matt Mullins
L.A.'s Finest s1e2 Utility Stunts Stunt Co. Keith Woulard
The Orville s2e13Utility StuntsStunt Co. Tim Davison
The Orville s2e11Utility StuntsStunt Co. Tim Davison
The Orville s2e10Utility StuntsStunt Co. Tim Davison
S.W.A.T. s1e7Utility Stunts & Stunt DoubleStunt Co. Charlie Brewer
S.W.A.T. reboot [Pilot]Stunt DoubleStunt Co. JJ Perry & Justin Yu
The Last Ship S4 E10NJ Stunner/Stunts Stunt Co. Kieth Woulard
The Last Ship S4 Ep1Utility Stunts: Boylan MAStunt Co. Kieth Woulard
The Last Ship s3 e10Utility Stunts Stunt Co. Kieth Woulard
Real Husbands of HollywoodUtility Stunts Stunt Co. Billy Washington
Toyota "Style Never GOes Out of Style"PrincipalDirector Andreis Nilson
Samsung Smart Switch "Digital Dance"Assistant ChoreographerDirector Jon Jon
Gillette "Training Tracks"PrincipalDirector Michael Gondry
Honda "Snap Shots"PrincipalDirector Alma Har'el
Corona Light "Mark"PrincipalDirector Mike Mills
Shoe Carnival "Grand Opening"PrincipalDirector Will Hyde
Smirnoff "Be There"PrincipalDirector Samuel Bayer
Jenny Craig w/ Jason AlexanderPrincipalDirector Mark Williams
Honda "Earth Day 40th anniversary"PrincipalDirector Janusz Kaminski
McDonalds "Big Mac Chant"PrincipalJoe Pitka
Music Videos
Motion Capture
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Teams
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Ratchets, Squibs, Horseback Riding, Animal Training, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Reactions, Free-Running / Parkour, Aerial Trickster, Wire Work, Car Hits, I Ground Pound, Dialogue, Martial Arts: MMA, Low Falls 30'-Under, Martial Arts: Judo, Martial Arts: Grappling, Martial Arts: Greco-Roman, Weapons: Guns, Martial Arts Basic, Tumbling ~ Basic, Prat Falls, Stair Falls, Stage Fighting, Martial Arts: Kick Boxing, Weapons: Pistol, Weapons: Rifle - AR-15, etc., Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Weapons: Military
Athletic Skills: Baseball , Basketball, Boxing , Football, Martial Arts, Rollerblading, Track & Field, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, Softball, Wrestling, Yoga, Grappling, Acrobat, Tae Bo, Horse: Western, Boxing: PRO LEVEL
Accents: British, Southern, West Indian, African, New York (Brooklyn), South African
Spoken Languages: English
Dance: Break, Capoeira, Club/Freestyle, Hip Hop, Salsa, Pop Locking, Robot
87Eleven Action Design, Inglewood, CA, Cinematic Film Fighting : Judo, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chad Stahelski, Heidi Moneymaker, Eric Brown
Joining All Movement, Reseda, CA, CMA Tricking, Parkour, Freerunning, Martial Arts, and Breakdance, Various, Currently Train at this facility
White Lotus Kung Fu [open gym], Northridge, CA, Tricking, Parkour, Freerunning, and Breakdance, Various, 2012, Trained here from 2010 -2013
818 Boxing, San Fernando, CA, Amatuer and Pro Level Boxing, Strength and Conditioning, Edgar Ponce and Khaliid Ghadija, 2016, Technique, Heavy bag, Mitt work, and Boot camp style cross training
Bob Yerkes, Northridge, CA, All Around Stunt Training, John Moio, Low Falls, Reactions, Fight Choreo, etc
The Booking Room, Los Angeles, CA, Acting, Marcus Folmar, Scene Study and On Camera Technique
Chelsea Piers, NY, NY, Tumbling, Randy Dorleen, 2009, Basic Tumbling and Gymnastics skills
Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, NCAA Division I Wrestling
Poly Prep Country Day School, Brooklyn, NY, All State High School Wrestler, State Champion, Runner Up, and 3rd Place 2x HS National Qualifier Empire State Games - Freestyle Wrestling
Keith WoulardStunt Coordinator
Tim Connolley 2nd Unit Director & Stunt Coordinator
J.J. Perry 2nd Unit Director & Stunt Coordinator
Norman HowellStunt Cooridinator
Tim DavisonStunt Coordinator
Johnny YangStunt Coordinator & Fight Coordinator
Ryan GrayStunt Coordinator & Fight coordinator
Freddie BouciegasStunt Coordinator & Fight coordinator
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Industrial, Internet Projects, Music Video, Television, Voice Over, Video Game / Motion Capture
Job Categories: Dialogue / Acting, Stunts, Stunt Double, Stunt Performer
Prior Job Title(s): Utility Stunts, Stunt Performer / Stunt Actor, Tricker
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: California
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: New York
Do you have a valid passport?: yes