Casey Zeller
Casey Zeller
5 ft. 6 in.
120 pounds
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Shoe Size:
Coat/Dress Size:
Caucasian / White
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Atlanta Georgia United States
2023 Fight Reel
2023 Stunt Reel
Film Credits
TeenWolf the MoviePrevis & Dbl: Shelley HenigChris Brewster
RenfieldND PerformerChris Brewster/Eric Linden
BottomsPrevis FightsDevon Macnaire
Guardians of the Galaxy IIIND PerformerHeidi Moneymaker
Hard MatterStunt Actress & ND PerformerNick Loren/Bobby Souris
Dr SleepStunt Dbl: Rebecca FergusonChuck Borden/Lex Geddings
Avengers Infinity War 2Previs Fights and WiresMonique Ganderton
Life Size 2ND Stunt PerformerThomas Dupont
Pitch Perfect 3Stunt Dbl: Shelley RegnerJennifer Badger
Spiderman: HomecomingND stunt performerGeorge Cottle
SuperflyStunt PerformerMarkos Rounthwaite/Mike Justus
Instant FamilyStunt PerformerJennifer Badger
The PurgeND PerformerAndy Dylan
NoelleDbl: Shirley MaclaineSteven Ritzi
Zombieland 2: Double TapZombieMarcos Rounthwaite/M. Justus
Fear Street 1978Dbl: Ryan Simpkins & Chiara AureliaAlan D'Antonni
The Girl in the BasementDbl: Stefanie ScottMark Hicks
Long Slow ExhaleStunt UtilityLaurence Chavez
SundownND PerformerMark Hicks
Shazam 2ND PerformerChris O'Hara
MindcageDbl: Melissa RoxburghDawson Towery
StaircaseDbl: Odessa YoungJames Hutchison
OutlawsDbl: Ellen BarkinChris O'Hara/Freddie Bouciegues
Falcon and Winter Soldier2nd Unit DBL: Erin KellymanDave Macomber
EchoPrevis Wires and FightsMarc Scizak/Keith Campbell
The Resident S4:14Stunt ActressBob Fisher
Doom PatrolND Stunt PerformerThom Williams
The Resident Season 2ND Stunt PerformerJohn Copeman
The PurgeND stunt performerAndy Dylan
Stranger Things Season 3Stunt Dbl: Sadie SinkHiro Koda
Ozark Season 2Stunt Dbl: Julia GarnerMatt Taylor
InsatiableStunt Dbl: Debby Ryan & Kimmy ShieldsJennifer Badger
The OriginalsND stunt performerDavid Morizot
Kevin Probably Saves the WorldND stunt performer-PrevisJennifer Badger
Underground Season 2Stunt Dbl: Sadie StrattonTierre Turner
Outcast Season 1 & 2Stunt Dbl: Wrenn SchmidtHiro Koda
The Walking Dead Season 5, 6, 7, & 10ND stunt performerMonty Simmons
ContainmentStunt ActorCal Johnson
Under the DomeStunt Dbl: Rachelle LefevrePeter King
Tyler Perry's If Loving You Is WrongStunt Dbl: Amanda ClaytonYan Dron
Black Lightning- Season 2 & 3Dbl: Jennifer RikerJohn Medlen
Watchmen Season 1ND PerformerJustin Reimer/Dave Macomber
Resident -S3ND Stunts and UtilityJohn Copeman
StarGirl -S1:13Dbl: Meg DeLacyWalter Garcia
Legacies -Season 2Dbl: Giorgia Whigham & Theodora MiranneDavid Morizot
Lovecraft CountryStunt UtilityStephen Pope
Claws- Season 4ND PerformerMonty Simmons
Dead of NightND Performer Rocky about-Sakher
Hightown-S2Dbl: Tonya GlanzPeter King
Righteous Gemstones-S2ND Stunt Performer & Stunt Utility John Copeman
Ozark S4:13Dbl: Julia GarnerGlenn Boswell
Legacies S3Dbl: Claire HoltDavid Morizot
MonarchND PerformerDaniel Hargrave
Doom Patrol S4ND stunt performerJames Hutchison/Natasha Paul
YellowDbl: Kate Lyn ShellAndy Rusk
Xero Shoe CommercialHurdlerBobby Souris/Caine Sinclair
Academy CommercialMMA FighterBobby Souris
8th Voyage of SindbadFigureheadUniversal Studios/ Joop Katana
Music Videos
NF "Story"Lead ActressBrian Hite
Motion Capture
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Teams
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Horseback Riding, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Martial Artist, Tumbling ~ Advanced, Wire Work, Weapons ~ General, Jet Skiing, Knee Boarding, Dialogue, Low Falls 30'-Under, Martial Arts: Capoeira, Martial Arts: Judo, Weapons: Guns, Weapons: Knife, Weapons: Katana, Martial Arts Basic, Tumbling ~ Basic, Horse: Saddle, Footfalls, Stage Fighting, Martial Arts: Kick Boxing, Weapons: Pistol, Martial Arts: Kali
Unique Talents: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Mambo dancer, Sports Management graduate, Stunt Coordinator assistant
Athletic Skills: Boxing , Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Track & Field, Bowling, Snowboarding, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Acrobat, Rock Climbing, Wakeboarding, Horse: English, Horse: Western, Horse: Trick Rider, Cheerleader
Accents: Southern, Spanish, Texan
Spoken Languages: Spanish, English
Dance: Ballet, Ballroom, Capoeira, Club/Freestyle, Modern, Salsa, Swing, Waltz, Jazz
Odin Defense Academy, Heflin, AL, Pistol Course, Matt Vanzandt, 2018, Tactical training and marksmanship company based in northern Georgia. Their curriculum is designed for civilian, law enforcement, and private sector groups and individuals. Their experienced instructors served in the US Army special forces and other elite units. They bring principle-based, real world experience and training for students ranging from beginner to expert. All of their courses are based on proven principles and practices. These courses focus on building the mindset necessary to overcome any deadly and/or non-deadly force encounter. They cover everything from the most basic of firearms handling to advanced concepts as well as tactical and emergency/crisis medicine. Safety is always at the forefront of their training and is bred through confidence and experience instilled in all we do.
Drama Inc, Atlanta, Ga, Acting, Catherine Dyer, Jason MacDonald, Matt Stanton, , 2017, Commercial, Film and Improv training at its best!
Track and Field , La, TN, and Ga, Heptathlon and 400m Hurdles, Multiple coaches, 2013, I competed in Track and Field for 17 years. Went to a D-1 school in Hammond, La. I retired professionally in 2013. I did the Heptathlon, 400m Hurdles, 100m Hurdles, Triple Jump, and the 4x400m Relay.
Gymnastics, Mandeville, LA, Uneven bars, Vault, Floor, and Beam, Multiple, 1999, I competed for 6 years in Gymnastics and left the sport as a Level 8 gymnast. I still keep up with most of my skills on the floor.
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Music Video, Television, LIVE STUNT, STATE or EVENTS
Job Categories: Dialogue / Acting, Stunts, Stunt Rigger, Stunt Double, Stunt Performer, Asst. Stunt Coordinator
Prior Job Title(s): Stunt Double, Assistant Rigger, Stunt Assistant
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: Georgia
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: Louisiana
Do you have a valid passport?: yes