Daniel Locicero
Daniel Locicero
5 ft. 10 in.
170 pounds
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Shoe Size:
Coat/Dress Size:
40 Regular
Caucasian / White, Latin/Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Other
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STUNT REEL 2019 (My Slate Video)
Film Credits
The Black PhoneFight ChoreographerMark Riccardi
Bullet TrainStunt PerformerGreg Rementer
Mission Impossible 6Stunt PerformerWade Eastwood
Dunkirk Stunt PerformerTom Struthers
The Purge: BorderlineStunt PerformerMike Gunther
Rogue WarfareStunt PerformerTheo Kipri
Rogue Warfare: Death of a NationStunt PerformerTheo Kypri
Bad SamaritanStunt DoubleKent Luttrell
Beta TestFight Choreographer / Stunt Performer Mark Riccardi
NegativeStunt Coordinator / Fight ChoreographerJoshua Cadwell
My Little OneStunt CoordinatorFrederic Choffat
The Persian ConnectionStunt DoubleKeith Woulard
Shangri-LAStunt PerformerKeith Cox
Better CriminalStunt PerformerChris Bradley
4 Minute MileStunt DoubleJake Crawford
Battle in SeattleStunt DoubleRyan Ennis
HuntersStunt DoubleKent Luttrell
Seal TeamStunt PerformerPeewee Piemonte/Mike Massa
The RookieStunt PerformerOliver Keller
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.DStunt DoubleTanner Gill
Penny DreadfulStunt PerformerMark Norby
911Stunt DoubleGregory Barnett
ShamelessStunt PerformerEddie Perez
68 WhiskeyStunt PerformerKathy Jarvis
The Last ShipStunt PerformerKeith Woulard
Lethal WeaponStunt PerformerTim Trella
The LibrariansStunt PerformerTim Eulich
Rush HourStunt Performer/ActorJeff Wolfe
Z-NationStunt Performer/ActorAlex Terzieff
PresenceStunt PerformerTom Struthers
12 Deadly Days of ChristmasStunt DoubleCole McKay
Jack Stall DeadFight ChoreographerAli Jacko
Ninjak VS The Valiant UniverseStunt PerformerAaron Schoenke
Spiderman: ManhuntStunt Coordinator/Fight ChoreographerRandall Maynard
NikePro Soccer Player/ BackgroundReset Production
SubaruPedestrian / BackgroundTeam Services
SaversAstronaut / PrincipalForeground LLC
IphoneElf / BackgroundForeground LLC
Dr PepperSecurity Guard / BackgroundForeground LLC
Ford (Black Friday)Client / BackgroundForeground LLC
PayPalCivilian / BackgroundTeam Detroit Inc.
FordBuyer / BackgroundTeam Detroit Inc.
Chevy SilveradoConstuction Worker / PrincipalProduction Coordinator
CMIT SolutionEmployee / PrincipalForeground LLC
Health Alliance MedicareEmployee / BackgroundEnvision Production
Alaskan AirlineBusiness Traveler / BackgroundForeground LLC
Top FoodClient / BackgroundS.P. LLC
ToyotaValet Parking / PrincipalForeground LLC
US ArmySoldier / BackgroundS.P. LLC
Taco TimeBarista / BackgroundS.P. LLC
Music Videos
Jennifer Lopez "El Anillo"Fight ChoreographerSantiago Salviche
Motion Capture
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Trampoline, High Fall, Air Rams, Precision Driving, Motorcycle: Precision, Precision Boating, Horseback Riding, Bull Riding, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Martial Artist, Reactions, Free-Running / Parkour, Tumbling ~ Advanced, I Do Barrel Rolls, Certified Scuba Diver - PADI, Bungee Jumping, Rappelling, Wire Work, Fire Burns, Weapons ~ General, Jet Skiing, Car Hits, I Ground Pound, Extreme Sportsman, Martial Arts: MMA, Martial Arts: Jujitsu, Stunt Driving, Driving: 180's, Driving: 360's, Driving: Jumps Dirt to Dirt, Driving: Road Racing, Motorcycle: Falls, Driving: Near Misses, Driving: Car to Car Hits, Low Falls 30'-Under, Martial Arts: Karate, Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Martial Arts: Krav Maga, UFC - Pro Fighter, Motocross Professional Rank, Martial Arts: Capoeira, Martial Arts: Eskrima, Martial Arts: Judo, Martial Arts: Aikido, Martial Arts: Grappling, Martial Arts: Greco-Roman, Weapons: Sword, Weapons: Guns, Weapons: Knife, Weapons: Staff, Weapons: Nunchaku, Weapons: Katana, Horse Falls, Fire Burns ~ Prep & Safety, Rappelling ~ AUSIE, Rappelling ~ ASSAULT, Boat Jumps, Martial Arts Basic, Tumbling ~ Basic, Sword Master, High Fall 60'-90', Prat Falls, Mounted Combat, Martial Arts: Black Belt, Base Jumping, Weapons: Dagger, Weapons: Broadsword, Weapons: Smallsword, Weapons: Gladius, Horse: Bareback, Horse: Roman, Horse: Saddle, Stair Falls, Fire: Partial Burn, Water Work, Motorcycle: Quads, Horse: Drags, Dirt Bikes, Bridge Jumping, Stage Fighting, Martial Arts: Kick Boxing, Bullwhip, Weapons: Sword & Shield, Driving: 90's, Weapons: Pistol, Weapons: Rifle - AR-15, etc., Weapons: Shotgun, Martial Arts: Wing Chun, Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Martial Arts: Kali, Weapons: Military, Martial Arts: Brazilian JiuJitsu, TRAINING: Wolfe & Rhee Fight Seminars
Unique Talents: - Combat and Fight Coordination: Jun Fan Gung Fu (JKD), Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Savate, Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, stick/staff, knife & freestyle fighting - Falls and Acrobatics - Acting - Weapons: knives, nunchuks, sticks/staffs, bows, swords - Precision Driving and Car Racing - Running - Swimming - Soccer: ball juggling & bicycle kicks - Languages: native French speaker, fluent in English, some Italian & Spanish - French Army veteran (Paratrooper) - Martial Arts Instructor (3rd rank - Jun Fan JKD) - Personal Fitness Trainer - Pro-Amateur soccer player/coach - Certified Scuba Diver
Athletic Skills: Xtreme Sports!, Basketball, Boxing , Cycling, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Bowling, Equestrian, Fencing, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Yoga, Grappling, Acrobat, Rock Climbing, Billiard Player, Trap & Skeet Shooter, Archery, Tae Bo, Race Car Driver (Nascar), Thai Chi, Mountain Biking, Water: Diving, Water: Free Diving, Rope Climbing, Horse: Jumping, Horse: Calf Rope, Horse: Western, Swimming (Competitive), Horse: Saddle Falls, Bicycle Work, Bicycle: Jump, Gymnastics: Fast-Track /Track, Bungies, Boxing: PRO LEVEL, Bow & Arrow, Bow & Arrow: Compound, Race Car Driver (Multiple), Kayak
Accents: French, Italian
Spoken Languages: French, English
Dance: Ballet, Ballroom, Break, Capoeira, Club/Freestyle, Disco, Hip Hop, Modern, Salsa, Swing, Tango
Underwater Sports, Seattle, Advanced scuba diver, 2008
Jun Fan Gung Fu, Seattle, Martial Arts, Taky Kimura, 2010
Sag Academy Awards, Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in the Motion Picture: Mission Impossible - Fallout, 2018
Sag Academy Awards, Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in the Motion Picture: Dunkirk , 2018
Mike HilowFriend (Stunt Coordinator)
Mark RiccardiStunt Coordinator
Alex TerzieffStunt Coordinator
Jake CrawfordStunt Coordinator
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Industrial, Internet Projects, Television, Theater
Job Categories: Stunts, Fight Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, Movement Choreographer, Stunt Double, SPECIALTY - STUNT
Prior Job Title(s): Fight Choreographer, Stunt Double, Stunt Performer
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: California
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: California
Do you have a valid passport?: yes