Giuseppe Ardizzone
Giuseppe Ardizzone
5 ft. 9 in.
190 pounds
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Shoe Size:
Coat/Dress Size:
Caucasian / White, Latin/Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
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Film Credits
Marry Mestunts / Airport Shuttle Bus DriverIan McLaughlin / Bobby Beckles, Universal
Boogiestunts / MTA Bus DriverKeil Zepernick, Focus Features
Silent Retreatstunts / Big Rig DriverTony Vincent / Luke Lesko, Miramax
To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jeanstunt coordinator: New YorkNetflix
21 Bridgesstunts / Salsa Club GoerAndy Gill, STX Entertainment
Spenser Confidential aka Wonderlandstunts / Command Van DriverJ.J. Dashnaw / Josh Lakatos, Netflix
Drunk Bus aka Out of Servicestunts / Campus Bus DriverBlaise Corrigan, indie
Bad Educationstunts / School Bus DriverStephen Pope, HBO Films
Glassstunts / Philadelphia Riot Cop (riot attack)Manny Siverio, Universal
Annie(2nd Unit) ND Precision DriverCoord. Victor Paguia, Columbia
Run All NightShawn's Crew (core - featured)2nd Unit Dir. Doug Coleman, Warner Bros
Tower Heistdouble: Michael Pena (running)Dir. Brett Ratner, Universal
Tommy (S1, Ep 8)stunts / Swat OfficerMike Russo, CBS
Ray Donovan (S7, Ep 1)stunts / NYC Corrections Bus DriverDoc Duhame, Showtime
Betty (S1, Ep 2)stunts / Ice Cream GuyJennifer Lamb-Hewitt / Kevin Rogers, HBO
Dispatches from Elsewhere (S1, Ep 2)stunts / Philadelphia Bus DriverBlaise Corrigan, AMC
City on a Hill (S1, Ep 8)stunts / Street Guy FighterMike Russo, Showtime
Succession (S2, Ep 6)stunts / Billionaire Driver (Luxury Cars)Stephen Pope, HBO
The Blacklist (S6, Ep 22)stunts / Homeland Tactical CopCort Hessler, NBC
Prodigal Son (S1, multi Eps)stunts / Adolpho Jessica's Driver (Luxury Cars)Tony Guida, FOX
New York Undercover (Pilot)stunts / ND DriverStephen Pope, ABC
Godfather of Harlem (S1, Ep 8)stunts / Bonanno SoldierMark Fichera, Epix
The Enemy Within (S1, Ep 4)stunts / Semi Truck DriverTony Vincent, NBC
Constance (Pilot)stunts / Garbage Truck DriverGreg Harvey, TNT
New Amsterdam (S1, Ep 9)stunts / Ambulance DriverJery Hewitt, NBC
Happy! (S2, Ep 5)stunts / MTA Bus DriverIan McLaughlin, Syfy
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S4, Ep 11)stunts / School Bus Driver (CDL driving)Jill Brown, Netflix
Marvel's The Punisher (S2, Ep 8)stunts / NYPD Cop (shootout, long-gun)Eric Linden / Danny Le Boyer, Netflix
The Blacklist (S5, Ep 22)stunts / Coveralls Kidnapper (handling cast)Cort Hessler, NBC
Manifest (S1, Ep 1 'Pilot')stunts / MTA Bus Driver (CDL driving, dialogue)David Pope, NBC
Blindspot (S3, Ep 17)stunts / Bruyere Heavy (shootout, long-gun)Chris Place, NBC
Blue Bloods (S8, Ep 13)stunts / 1PP NYPD (handling cast)Roy Farfel, CBS
Maniac (S1, Ep 9)stunts / KGB Agent (hitting-the-ground, reactions)Stephen Pope, Netflix
Happy! (S1, Ep 7)stunts / Blue Goon (hitting-the-ground, reactions)Ian McLaughlin, Syfy
Billions (S3, Ep 2)stunts / NJ Transit Bus Driver (CDL driving)Coord. Jared Burke, Showtime
The Path (S3, Ep 5)stunts / Meyerist Tour Bus Driver (CDL driving)Coord. Blaise Corrigan, Hulu
Shades of Blue (S3, Eps 5 & 8)stunts / double: Vincent LarescaCoord. Jery Hewitt, NBC
The Neighborhood (S1, Ep 2)stunts / Pastels Nightclub Fighter (fighting, reactions)Coords. Manny Siverio / Chris Colombo, indie
Marvel's The Punisher (S1, Ep 13)stunts / Homeland Security Agent (squibs, reactions)Coord. Thom Williams, Netflix
Gotham (S3, Ep 16)stunts / Gabe Thug #2 (reactions, driving)Coords. Norman Douglass / Turner Smith, FOX
Shades of Blue (S2, Ep 9)stunts / double: Vincent LarescaCoord. Jery Hewitt, NBC
Marvel's The Punisher (S1, Ep 4)stunts / Agent Bowers (running jump into low-fall, car work, fire work, reactions)Coord. Thom Williams, Netflix
Shades of Blue (S2, Ep 8)stunts / Italian FBI Agent - Van DriverCoords. Jery Hewitt / Ian McLaughlin, NBC
The Blacklist (S4, Ep 3)stunts / double: Einar GunnCoord. Cort Hessler, NBC
Mozart in the Jungle (S3, Ep 4)stunts / ND Venice Festival Club Man #2Coords. Manny Siverio / Chris Colombo, Amazon
Gotham (S3, Ep 3)stunts / Arkham Asylum Guard #4 (fighting)Coord. Norman Douglass, FOX
The Blacklist (S4, Ep 1)stunts / Cuban Cop #3 (breakfall, reactions)Coord. Cort Hessler, NBC
Madam Secretary (S3, Ep 2)stunts / Algerian Hizb al-Shahid Fighter #2Coord. Brian Smyj, CBS
The Blacklist (S3, Ep 22)stunts / double: Hakan Tolga PolatCoord. Cort Hessler, NBC
The Good Wife (S7, Ep 21)stunts / Courtroom Gallery Pusher (fighting scuffle)Coord. Chad Hessler, CBS
Limitless (S1, Ep 17)stunts / 'Luis Vargas' Security Guard (wet work)Coord. Jared Burke, CBS
Daredevil (S2, Ep 13)stunts / double: Ray IannicelliCoords. Philip Silvera / Roberto Gutierrez, Netflix
Blue Bloods (S6, Ep 12)stunts / double: Nicholas TurturroCoord. Roy Farfel, CBS
Blindspot (S1, Ep 9)stunts / Helipad Guard (handling cast, fighting, reactions)Coord. Stephen Pope, NBC
Daredevil (S2, Ep 1)stunts / ND Pedestrian #3 (knockdown fall)Coord. Philip Silvera, Netflix
Gotham (S2, Ep 1)stunts / Arkham Asylum Guard #3 (squibs, explosion, reactions)Coord. Norman Douglass, FOX
The Following (S3, Ep 12)stunts / Snow Camouflage Gunman (squibs, reactions)Coord. Tim Gallin, FOX
Person of Interest (S4, Ep 17)stunts / Ballroom Security Guard #2 (handling cast)Coord. Tony Vincent, CBS
State of Affairs (pilot)stunts / 'Craig' CIA Paramilitary (car crash, squibs, arms)Coord. Ben Bray, NBC
The Americans (S2, Ep 13)stunts / PA State Trooper #3 (driving, handling cast)Coord. Blaise Corrigan, FX
Boardwalk Empire (S4, Ep 10)stunts / Capone Thug #1 (squibs, reactions)Coords. Bobby Beckles / Chris Place, HBO
Boardwalk Empire (S4, Ep 9)stunts / Capone Thug #1 (arms, reactions)Coord. Stephen Pope, HBO
Boardwalk Empire (S4, Ep 7)stunts / Torrio Bodyguard (fighting, reactions)Coord. Stephen Pope, HBO
Boardwalk Empire (S4, Ep 2)stunts / Capone Leg Breaker #2 (fighting, arms)Coord. Stephen Pope, HBO
UMiami Jerry Herman Ring TheatreThree Sisters - 'Solyony' (Lanford Wilson trans.)Faculty Dir. Bruce Miller
Music Videos
Motion Capture
Guild Affiliations
AEA (Actors Equity Assoc), SAG / AFTRA
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Ratchets, Squibs, Air Rams, Precision Driving, Motorcycle: Precision, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Reactions, Free-Running / Parkour, Wave Runner, Fire Burns, Weapons ~ General, Car Hits, I Ground Pound, Class A - Big Rig Driver, Dialogue, Martial Arts: MMA, Martial Arts: Jujitsu, TRAINING: Rick Seaman's Super Level 1, Stunt Driving, Driving: 180's, Driving: 360's, Driving: 90 Degree Box Park, Driving: Drifting, Driving: Road Racing, Driving: Near Misses, Low Falls 30'-Under, Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Martial Arts: Grappling, Martial Arts: Greco-Roman, Weapons: Guns, Weapons: Knife, Martial Arts Basic, Prat Falls, Motorcycle: "M" Licence, Stair Falls, ATV, Water Work, Motorcycle: Quads, Footfalls, Stage Fighting, Martial Arts: Kick Boxing, Driving: 90's, Weapons: Pistol, Weapons: Rifle - AR-15, etc., Weapons: Shotgun, Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Drivers East
Athletic Skills: Baseball , Boxing , Cycling, Football, Martial Arts, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Softball, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Grappling, Waverunners, Billiard Player, Mountain Biking, Water: Free Diving, Rope Climbing, Bicycle Work
Accents: Italian, New York (Bronx), New York (Brooklyn)
Spoken Languages: Italian
Drivers East Stunt Driving School, Raceway Park Englishtown, NJ, Level I Course, Instrs. Mike Burke and Roy Farfel, 2014
Rick Seaman Stunt Driving School, Wall Stadium Speedway, NJ, Super Level I Course, Instr. Rick Seaman, 2013
University of Miami - BFA, School of Communication, Coral Gables, Florida, Theatre/Motion Pictures
Czech National Academy of Perf. Arts - FAMU Film and Television School, Prague, Czech Republic, Acting/Production
Jersey Tractor Trailer Training, Bergen County, NJ, CDL Class A licensed (very experienced truck & tractor-trailer driver)
Molina's Martial Arts (WTF), NJ, Taekwondo/Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Master Jerry Molina
The Stunt Clinic, NY, fight reactions, breakfalls, gun techniques, Filipino stick work (basic), rigging (basic), Instrs. Chris Colombo and Tim Gallin
Audition Technique, Scene Study, On-Camera, NYC, Instrs. Chazz Palminteri, Judy Henderson, Rob Decina, Ilene Starger
other relevant experiences:, many years of physical production work on numerous film and tv productions.
SAG Awards Nominee, Boardwalk Empire "Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a TV Series", 2014
Stephen PopeStunt Coordinator
Blaise CorriganStunt Coordinator
Cort HesslerStunt Coordinator
Tony GuidaStunt Coordinator
Mark FicheraStunt Coordinator
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Industrial, Internet Projects, Music Video, Television, Theater
Job Categories: Dialogue / Acting, Directing, Stunts, Set Operation, Stunt Double, Stunt Driver
Prior Job Title(s):
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: New York
What state are you considered a Local Hire?:
Do you have a valid passport?: yes