Jake Huang
Jake Huang
5 ft. 8 in.
148 pounds
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Shoe Size:
Average / Athletic
Coat/Dress Size:
Asian, Indian/South Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander / Polynesian
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2012 Action Reel (My Slate Video)
Film Credits
Transformers 4Stunt Double (Han Geng) / ND StuntMichael Bay / Mike Gunther
The Hangover Part 3Stunt Double (Ken Jeong) / ND StuntTodd Phillips / Jack Gill
The InternshipStunt Double (Tobit Raphael)Shawn Levy / Garrett Warren
TedStunt Double (Robert Wu)Seth MacFarlane / Scott Rogers
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Additional Photography)Stunt Double (Splinter / Donatello) ND StuntJonathan Liebesman / Garrett Warren, J.J. Perry, Lin Oeding
Hollywood AdventuresStunt Double (Xiao Ming Huang, Dawei Tong)Timothy Kendall / Mike Gunther
Scouts Vs ZombiesND StuntChristopher Landon / Mike Gunther
Django UnchainedND StuntQuentin Tarantino / Jeff Dashnaw
The Amazing Spiderman (Spiderman 4)ND StuntMarc Webb / Andy Armstrong
BattleshipND StuntPeter Berg / Kevin Scott
Twilight: Breaking DawnND StuntBill Condon / Jeff Imada, Peng Zhang
WarriorND StuntGavin O'Connor / J.J. Perry
Bounty KillerND StuntHenry Saine / Randall Archer
CommunityStunt Double (Ken Jeong)Ben Scott
NeighborsStunt Double (Tim Jo)Clay Cullen
Gang RelatedStunt Double (Keye Chen)Eric Norris
CastleStunt Double (Tim Jo)Dennis Madalone
The LibrariansStunt Double (John Kim)Austin Brewer
The LibrariansStunt Double (Kei Sugimoto)Austin Brewer
Chop ShopStunt Double (Hayden Szeto)Mike Smith, Freddy Bouciegues
Kickin ItStunt Double (Scott Dunn)Mitch Gould
Supah Ninjas (Multiple Episodes)Stunt Double (Ryan Potter)Hiro Koda
Supah NinjasStunt Double (Brandon Soo Hoo)Hiro Koda
Supah Ninjas (Multiple Episodes)Yamato (Suit Work)Hiro Koda
Flash Forward (Multiple Episodes)Stunt Double (John Cho)Danny Weselis
Sons of AnarchyStunt PerformerEric Norris
RevolutionStunt PerformerJeff Wolfe
True BloodStunt PerformerHiro Koda
Real Husbands of HollywoodStunt PerformerWilliam (Billy) Washington
Comedy Bang BangStunt PerformerShawn Crowder
Henry DangerStunt PerformerVince Deadrick Jr
Children's HospitalStunt PerformerVladimir Tevlovski
WhitneyStunt PerformerShawn Crowder
CSI: NYStunt PerformerNorman Howell
Kickin It (Multiple Episodes)Stunt PerformerReuben Langdon, Mitch Gould
Avatar: Legend of Korra (Multiple Episodes)Action Choreographer / Martial Arts ReferenceNickelodeon
I'm in the BandStunt PerformerRex Reddick
Uncle NigelStunt PerformerWally Crowder
Big Time Rush (Multiple Episodes)Stunt PerformerVince Deadrick Jr
The VoiceStunt Performer / Martial Arts Tricker
AcuraSword Master / Martial Arts Tricker
Turtle BeachStunt Performer (Suit Work)Hiro Koda
TropicanaStunt Performer / FreerunnerWally Crowder
Barnes and NobleStunt Performer / Freerunner
Ford (Multiple Commercials)Stunt Performer / FreerunnerRene Mousseux
Monster Energy DrinkSunt PerformerChristian Fletcher
Nintendo WiiSword Master
Reebok (Multiple Commercials)Freerunner
Fruit NinjaSword Master
Music Videos
Ladi Dadi Featuring Winter GordonStunt Double (Steve Aoki)Sam Hargrave
Motion Capture
Darkness 2Stunt Performer / Character WorkDigital Domain - Dan Southworth
Sleeping Dogs (True Crime 3)Stunt PerformerActivision - Noel Vega
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Additional Photography)Stunt Double (Splinter / Donatello) ND StuntGarrett Warren, J.J. Perry, Lin Oeding
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Trampoline, High Fall, Squibs, Air Rams, Precision Driving, Animal Training, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Martial Artist, Free-Running / Parkour, Aerial Trickster, I Do Barrel Rolls, Certified Scuba Diver - PADI, Wire Work, Hong Kong Wire Work, Weapons ~ General, I Ground Pound, Certified Weapons Specialist, Motion Capture, Martial Arts: MMA, Martial Arts: Jujitsu, Driving: 90 Degree Box Park, Low Falls 30'-Under, Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Martial Arts: Karate, Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Martial Arts: Judo, Martial Arts: Aikido, Martial Arts: Grappling, Martial Arts: Wushu, Weapons: Sword, Weapons: Guns, Weapons: Knife, Weapons: Staff, Weapons: Nunchaku, Weapons: Katana, Chinese Swords: Butterfly Sword, Chinese Swords: Dao, Chinese Swords: Dadao, Chinese Swords: Guandao, Chinese Swords: Hook Sword, Chinese Swords: Iron Sword, Chinese Swords: Jian, Chinese Swords: Liuyedao, Chinese Swords: Miao Dao, Chinese Swords: Nandao, Chinese Swords: Niuweidao, Chinese Swords: Piandao, Chinese Swords: Pudao, Chinese Swords: Wodao, Chinese Swords: Yanmaodao, Chinese Swords: Zhanmadao, Mini Tramp, Martial Arts Basic, Sword Master, Creature Suit / Prosthetics, Med-Fall 30'-60', Prat Falls, Martial Arts: Hap Ki Do, Japanese Kendo, Martial Arts: Black Belt, Marksman ~ Pistols & Rifles, Descender, Decelerator, Weapons: Dagger, Weapons: Broadsword, Weapons: Smallsword, Stair Falls, Footfalls, Weapons: Whip Chain, Stage Fighting, Martial Arts: Kick Boxing, Driving: 90's, Weapons: Pistol, Weapons: Rifle - AR-15, etc., Weapons: Shotgun, Martial Arts: Wing Chun, Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Weapons: Military
Unique Talents: -Martial Arts: 20 Years -Tricking/Acrobatics -Breakdancing -Proficient with All Weapons -Motorcycle Riding -Firearms -Mo-Cap -Complex Wirework, Fights, and Reactions -PADI Certified -Mini Tramp -Freerunning/Parkour -Suit Work -High Falls – 40 Feet -Air Ram Martial arts (Boxing, Tae-Kwon-Do, Wushu (Northern and Southern), Hopkido, Aikido, Capoeira, Judo, Traditional Kung Fu – Douglas Wong, Muai Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts)
Athletic Skills: Xtreme Sports!, Baseball , Boxing , Football, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Rollerblading, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Bowling, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Grappling, Acrobat, Billiard Player, Trap & Skeet Shooter, Marksman Pistols and Rifles, Archery, Tae Bo, Thai Chi, Rope Climbing, Roller Skating, Bicycle Work, Cheerleader, Bow & Arrow
Accents: Australian, British, Chinese, Cajun, Canadian, New York (Brooklyn)
Spoken Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, English
Dance: Break, Capoeira, Salsa, Robot
Mike Gunther
Hiro Koda
Don Lee
Henry Kinji Jr.
J.J. Perry
Darlene Williams
James Lew
Ilram Choi
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Internet Projects, Music Video, Television
Job Categories: Stunts, Camera Operation, Visual Effects, Fight Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, Movement Choreographer, Motion Capture, Stunt Double
Prior Job Title(s): Stunt Double, Stunt Performer / ND Stunts, Action Choreographer / Martial Arts Consultant
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: California
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: Virginia
Do you have a valid passport?: yes