Joe Sobalo
Joe Sobalo
5 ft. 8 in.
165 pounds
Hair Color:
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Caucasian / White, Eastern European, Indian/South Asian, Latin/Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Native American, Other
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California United States
Actor Reel
Stunt Reel
Film Credits
AvaActor/Stunt Performer w John MalkovichJeff Imada/Travis Wong
The SleepoverUtility StuntsGregg Smrz/David Wald
Bumblebee: TransformersFire Gags (Explosions/Near Miss/Stunt Driver)Mike Gunther/Kyle Woods
Free GuySteampunk ThiefChris O'Hara
Alita: Battle AngelSports Fan (Bottle Break Stadium Fight)Garrett Warren/Steve Brown
Velvet BuzzsawAssistant RiggerMike Smith
Patriots DayPoliceman (Stunt Driver/Shootout)Matt Taylor/Mike Smith
Nightmare CinemaDBL: Maurice Benard (Swordwork/Fight)Tim Mikulecky
Pups AloneDBL: Nicholas Turturro (Prat Falls/Stairfall)Myke Michaels
LassoActor/Stunt Performer (Brutally Tortured)Tony Vella
InsightStunt Performer (Fights)Travis Wong
TVZZombie (Fight)Ryan Watson/Wayne Dalglish
General HospitalDBL: Maurice Benard (Bridge Collapse)Tim Davison
911Indian Wedding Guest (Floor Collapse)Tim Davison/Mark Vanselow
911LA FirefighterGregory Barnett
For All MankindActor/Stunt Performer (Wirework)Todd Schneider
LuciferActor/Stunt Performer (Italian Mafia Fight)John Medlen
Perry MasonND StuntsWade Allen
The RookieThief (Slam into Table)David Scott Rowden
AJ and The QueenDBL: Mario Cantone (In Drag Queen Heels)Clint Lilley/David Scott Rowden
Seal Team (Multiple Episodes)Taliban (Gun Fight)Mike Massa
StumptownActor/Stunt Performer (Tackled)Travis Wong/Justin Reimer
Brews BrothersGerman Monk (Bar Fight)Vlad Tevlovski
Henry DangerActor/Stunt Performer (Streetfighter Punk)Vince Deadrick Jr.
NCIS (Multiple Episodes)DBL: Wilmer ValderramaDiamond Farnsworth
Future ManDBL: Andrew Friedman (Wirework)Clay Fontenot/Cory DeMeyers
NCIS: LA (Multiple Episodes)DBL: James Sayess/Mayank Saxena/Michael RiveraTroy Brown
ScandalDBL: Josh MalinaDon Ruffin
WestworldNative American IndianDoug Coleman/Brian Machleit
S.W.A.T.Colombian CartelAusten Brewer/Charlie Brewer
Animal KingdomDBL: Bernardo Badillo (Van Driver)Charlie Croughwell
The Last Ship (Multiple Episodes)Greek Sailor (.240 Gunner/Fight)Keith Woulard
Fear the Walking DeadMexican CartelJames Armstrong
Medal of HonorActor/Stunt Performer (Squib)Gregg Smrz/Todd Schneider
Budding ProspectsDBL: Adam Rose (Stunt Driver)Rocky Capella/Mike Martinez
ChanceND StuntsRocky Capella
GrimmDBL: Walter PerezMatt Taylor
Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much EverythingApocalypse FighterMitch Gould
Them: The CovenantCreature WorkBen Scott
Get ShortyTruck Driver (Explosion)Ben Scott
SuperstoreND FightBen Scott
JustifiedDBL: Jonathan Kowalski (Gorilla Press T. Baird)Ben Scott
SnowfallDBL: Juan Javier Cardenas (Stunt Driver)Larnell Stovall
StitchersActor/Stunt Performer (Fight)Andy Cheng
CounterpartGround Pound (6 Foot Fall)Norman Howell
Scream QueensSquash Player (Stabbed in Shower)Norman Howell
Brooklyn 99Football Player (Tackled by NFL's Terrell Owens)Norman Howell
Funny or DieBalcony Fall (20 Feet High)Justin DeRosa
Celebrity ApprenticeUPS Delivery Man (Tackled by NFL's Ricky Williams)Pat Romano
Francis Ford Coppola ProjectItalian Man (Wirework)Pat Romano
BlindspotMercenaryPat Romano
Kingdom (Multiple Episodes)DBL: Nick Jonas (MMA Fights)Keith Campbell
Lethal WeaponMexican Cartel (Shootout)Tim Trella/Ryan Gray
Sprint (Multiple Spots)DBL: Paul MarcarelliMike Smith/Pat Romano
No on Prop 40ElvisTony Richards
Music Videos
Post Malone/Ty Dollar SignWestern Cowboy (Stunt Fighter)Pat Romano
Girls Night OutDirector/ProducerJoe Mama Entertainment
Party In The SunDirector/Performer/Underwate r DP/Adobe EditorJoe Mama Entertainment
Motion Capture
Batman BeyondStunts/Fight CoordinatorMatt Baamonde
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Ratchets, High Fall, Squibs, Air Rams, Precision Driving, Precision Boating, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Martial Artist, Reactions, I Do Barrel Rolls, Wave Runner, Rappelling, Wire Work, Fire Burns, Weapons ~ General, Jet Skiing, Car Hits, I Ground Pound, Motion Capture, Dialogue, Martial Arts: MMA, Martial Arts: Jujitsu, TRAINING: Rick Seaman's Super Level 1, Stunt Driving, Driving: 180's, Driving: 90 Degree Box Park, Driving: Road Racing, Driving: Near Misses, Driving: Car to Car Hits, Low Falls 30'-Under, Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Martial Arts: Karate, Martial Arts: Krav Maga, Martial Arts: Eskrima, Martial Arts: Grappling, Weapons: Sword, Weapons: Guns, Weapons: Knife, Weapons: Nunchaku, Car Work, Mini Tramp, Fire Burns ~ Prep & Safety, Martial Arts Basic, Tumbling ~ Basic, Creature Suit / Prosthetics, Hatchet / Axe Throwing, Prat Falls, Mounted Combat, Martial Arts: Black Belt, Weapons: Dagger, Motorcycle: "M" Licence, Fire: Partial Burn, ATV, Water Work, Stage Fighting, Martial Arts: Kick Boxing, Weapons: Sword & Shield, Driving: 90's, Weapons: Pistol, Weapons: Rifle - AR-15, etc., Weapons: Shotgun, Martial Arts: Kali, Weapons: Military, TRAINING: Armstrong Action Seminar
Unique Talents: Krav Maga instructor, Push ups on just my thumbs, speed bag, jump rope, and hackey sack
Athletic Skills: Baseball , Basketball, Boxing , Cycling, Football, Golf, Martial Arts, Rollerblading, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Bowling, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Snow Skiing, Softball, Volleyball, Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Yoga, Grappling, Waverunners, Billiard Player, White Water Rafting, Archery, Jousting, Tae Bo, Thai Chi, Mountain Biking, Rope Climbing, Roller Skating, Bicycle Work, Water Polo, Bow & Arrow, Lacrosse
Accents: Australian, British, French, German, Irish, Italian, Middle Eastern, Midwest, Russian, Southern, Spanish, Canadian, Cockney, Japanese, Mexican, New England, New York (Bronx), New York (Brooklyn), Texan, Eastern European, American - Standard American, American - Southern Drawl
Spoken Languages: Italian, English
Dance: Ballroom, Club/Freestyle, Disco, Hip Hop, Line, Salsa, Jazz
818 Boxing Club, Sylmar, Ca, fight Choreography, Zedric Harris, 2014
House of Champions, Van Nuys
Bob Yerkes, Northridge
Rick Seamen's Motion Picture Driving School, Willow Springs, Stunt Driving, Rick Seamen, 2015
JAM, Northridge
Krav Maga National Training Center, Los Angeles, Level 3 Instructor phase training, Wade Allen, Michael Margolis, Sam Sade, John Whitman, 2001
Amy Lyndon Technique, Los Angeles, Acting, Amy Lyndon, 2015
Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts, Marina Del Ray/CA, Filipino Martial Arts, Thai Boxing, Majapahit Silat, Jeet Keun I, Dan Inosanto, 2016
Ivana Chubbuck, California, Acting, Ivana Chubbuck, 2014
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Industrial, Internet Projects, Music Video, Television, Theater, Voice Over, Video Game / Motion Capture
Job Categories: Dialogue / Acting, Directing, Editing, Stunts, Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, Motion Capture, Stunt Double, Stunt Driver, SPECIALTY - STUNT, Stunt Performer, Asst. Stunt Coordinator
Prior Job Title(s): Stunt Performer, Stunt Actor / Dialogue / Stunts, Stunt Driver / Stunt Double
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: California
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: Massachusetts
Do you have a valid passport?: yes