Peter Jang
Peter Jang
5 ft. 11 in.
185 pounds
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Shoe Size:
Coat/Dress Size:
Asian, Caucasian / White, Latin/Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mixed, Native American, Pacific Islander / Polynesian
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Stunt Reel
Action Acting Reel
Film Credits
Mortal Kombat XStunts 1 ep, Stunt Acting 1 epWarner Brothers / Garrett Warren / Kurt Lott
I Am WrathStunt ActingHannibal Classics / Chuck Russell / Johnny Martin
Kiss of VengeanceStunt ActingEddie Fernandez
24 HoursStunt DoubleJosh Tessier/Omid Zader
DecomissionedStunt ActingJosh Tessier/Omid Zader
Die FightingStuntsZ-Team Films
Super Power Beat DownStunt Acting, Fight Choreographer (2 eps.)Machinima
Grayson Earth OneStunt Acting, Fight ChoregrapherP3 Productions
VigilanceStunt Acting, Fight ChoreographerJimmy Chhiu
RetrievalStunt ActingAlfred Hsing
Option ZeroStuntsAlfred Hsing
Nerd vs ScorpionStunt ActingMachinima
The BurdenStuntsGood Knight Pictures
StriveStunt ActingSwolecat Rising
Broken SpiritsStunt ActingFinch Hollow Productions
Bad Time At the El RoyaleStuntsJohn Stoneham, Jr.
SeizedStunt Double: Scott AdkinsLarnell Stovall
GrimmStunt ActorNBC / Matt Taylor
CastleStunt ActorABC / Greg Barnett
Criminal Mind: Beyond BordersStunt DoubleCBS / Greg Barnett
ShamelessStuntsShowtime / Eddie Perez
Marvel's Agent XStunt DrivingTNT / Mike Massa
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.DStunt ActorABC / Tanner Gill
AquariusStunt DoubleNBC / Justin Riemer
RevengeStunt Double (2 eps.)ABC / Mike Gaines
Comedy Bang BangFire SafetyComedy Central / Eric Linden
The OriginalsStunt Acting (3 eps.)The CW / Jennifer Badger
RevolutionStunt DoubleNBC / Jeff Wolfe
Schooled in Revenge - PilotStunt ActingABC / Louis Simon
Bad Girls - PilotCostarNBC / John Dahl
CSI: New YorkStuntsCBS / Norman Howell
LexusPrincipal / StuntsLexus
Honda FitStunt ActingTim Mikulecky
LunchablesStuntsEric Linden
SamsungPrincipalDuroo Productions
Capital OnePrincipalDDB
Epson PrintersPrincipalPrecision Post
Vipre AntivirusPrincipalMatthew Johnson
Music Videos
Royal BloodStunt ActingJosh Tessier / Omid Zader
Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never SaidStunts, Fight ChoreographerSanaa Hamri
Neon Trees - Your SurrenderStunt ActingDavid Kang Casting
Volume - The First TimesStunt ActingJack Castellaw
Motion Capture
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Ratchets, High Fall, Squibs, Air Rams, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Martial Artist, Reactions, Free-Running / Parkour, Rappelling, Wire Work, Hong Kong Wire Work, Fire Burns, Weapons ~ General, I Ground Pound, Dialogue, Martial Arts: MMA, Low Falls 30'-Under, Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Martial Arts: Karate, Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Martial Arts: Eskrima, Martial Arts: Judo, Weapons: Sword, Weapons: Guns, Weapons: Knife, Weapons: Staff, Weapons: Katana, Chinese Swords: Dao, Mini Tramp, Fire Burns ~ Prep & Safety, Rappelling ~ AUSIE, Martial Arts Basic, Creature Suit / Prosthetics, Med-Fall 30'-60', Prat Falls, Japanese Kendo, Martial Arts: Black Belt, Descender, Decelerator, Weapons: Broadsword, Weapons: Smallsword, Weapons: Gladius, Fire: Partial Burn, Stage Fighting, Martial Arts: Kick Boxing, Weapons: Sword & Shield, Weapons: Pistol, Weapons: Shotgun, Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Martial Arts: Kali, Weapons: Military, TRAINING: Armstrong Action Seminar, TRAINING: Wolfe & Rhee Fight Seminars
Athletic Skills: Baseball , Boxing , Football, Martial Arts, Rollerblading, Swimming, Track & Field, Bowling, Billiard Player
Spoken Languages:
Dance: Ballroom, Club/Freestyle, Salsa, Swing, Waltz
5 x National Taekwondo Champion, USA
Tactical Firearms Private Training, Los Angeles, CA, Tactical Firearms, Sam Chapetta, 2019
Firearms For Film Safety And Posturing, Los Angeles, CA, Firearms, Matt Anderson, 2016
Action Factory, Los Angeles, CA, Fire Safety, Hayson Dumenigo and Eric Linden, 2017
Jeff Wolfe and Simon Rhee Fight Seminars, Los Angeles, CA
XMA/Garrett Warren Fight Seminar, Los Angeles, CA
Arnold Chon Fight Seminars, Los Angeles, CA
Wire Fighters Wirework Seminar, Los Angeles, CA
Joe Witherall High Fall Sessions, Los Angeles, CA
Tony Snegoff Mini-Tramp/Air Ram/High Fall Training sessions, Los Angeles, CA
Ruskin School of Acting Master Class, Los Angeles, CA
Margie Haber Advanced Acting, Los Angeles, CA
The Ruskin School of Acting, Santa Monica, CA, Acting, John Ruskin, 2011, Meisner echnique 2 year program.
Doug Warhit Acting Class, Los Angeles, CA, Acting, Doug Warhit, 2011, On Camera Scene Study and Technique
Center for Cinematic Arts - Actor's Gym, Silverlake, CA, Acting, Luis Robledo, 2012, On Camera Scene Study and Technique
The Jake Carpenter Studio, Los Angeles, CA, Acting, Jake Carpenter, 2011, Scene Study and Technique
UCSD Taekwondo Team, La Jolla, CA, College Sports - Martial Arts, Master Jacky Baik, 2006, PAC West Conference Middle Weight Fighter
Oriental Martial Arts College, Columbus, OH, Martial Arts, Grandmaster Joon P. Choi, 2001, - Black Belt - Competition Team Member
Wah Lum Kung Fu, Columbus, OH, Martial Arts, Sifu Jeff Naayers, 1997, - Black Belt Level - Weapons Training: Staff, Chinese Broadsword, Spear
Jerry Page Boxing and Fitness Center, Columbus, OH, Martial Arts, Jerry Page, 2004, Boxing Student
Columbus Downtown Club, Columbus, OH, Dance, Mary Rawlins, 2004, Ballroom, Salsa and Swing Dancing Student
Sayoc Kali, Los Angeles, CA, Knife, Brian Calaustro, 2014
2018 Action On Film Festival, Best Action Short Film Of The Year - Nominee
2014 Action on Film International Film Festival , Best Choreography – Die Fighting, 2014
2014 Streamy Awards, Nominee - Best Choreography, 2014
2014 Phoenix Comic Con, Best Action - Grayson Earth One, 2014
2014 Dragon Con, Best Fan Film - Grayson Earth One, 2014
2014 Sitges Film Festival, Official Selection - Kiss Of Vengeance, 2014
2007 NCTA National Championships, National Champion - Forms, 2007, National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (NCTA)
2006 NCTA National Championships, National Champion - Forms, 2006, National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (NCTA)
2004 US Junior Olympics, National Champion - Forms, 2004, US Junior Olympics Taekwondo National Championships
2003 US Junior Olympics, National Champion - Forms, 2003, US Junior Olympics Taekwondo National Championships
2002 US Junior Olympics, National Champion - Sparring, 2002, US Junior Olympics Taekwondo National Championships
2009 NCTA National Championships, 2nd Place Forms, 2009, National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (NCTA)
2009 PACWest Collegiate Taekwondo Conference, Ranked 3rd - Sparring, 2009, - Ranked 3rd by Season Fighting Record - Conference Schools: California State University East Bay, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Davis, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Univerity of California, San Diego, University of California, Irvine
2004 US Junior Olympics, 3rd Place Sparring, US Junior Olympics Taekwondo National Championships
2004 US Open, 2nd Place Sparring, 2004, US Open International Taekwondo Championship
2003 US Junior Olympics, 2nd Place Sparring, 2003, US Junior Olympics Taekwondo National Championships
2002 US Junior Olympics, 2nd Place Forms, 2002, US Junior Olympics Taekwondo National Championships
Garrett WarrenStunt Coordinator / 2nd Unit Director8183121817
Norman HowellStunt Coordinator6618105823
Mike GainesStunt Coordinator3104635679
Jennifer BadgerStunt Coordinator3524087416
Tim MikuleckyStunt Coordinator8186329500
Omid ZaderStunt Coordinator8186180902
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Internet Projects, Music Video, Television
Job Categories: Dialogue / Acting, Editing, Stunts, Writing, Fight Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, Stunt Double, Stunt Performer
Prior Job Title(s): Stunt Double, Stunt Performer / Stunt Actor / Dialogue, Stunt Driver, Stunts
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: California
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: Ohio
Do you have a valid passport?: yes