Thom Williams
Thom Williams
6 ft. 1 in.
275 pounds
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Shoe Size:
Muscluar / Heavyset
Coat/Dress Size:
Caucasian / White, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
PDF Resume:
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Stunt Performance Reel
Motion Capture Presentation Reel
MoCap Demo Reel
Acting Reel
Film Credits
The Great WallCoordinator, Motion Capture Unit
Office Christmas PartyStunt Performer / Stunts
SullyStunt Performer
Jason BourneStunt Perfomer
The AccountantStunt Driver
The Lone RangerStunt Double - W. Earl BrownTommy Harper
To Have and To Hold2nd Unit Director, Stunt CoordinatorTHTH, LLC/Ray Bengston
Spider-Man RebootStunt FighterAndy Armstrong
Horrible BossesStunt PerformerMerritt Yohnka
FirebirdStunt CoordinatorDir - Brent McCorkle
J. EdgarMotion Capture PerformerClint Eastwood / Michael Owens / Michelle Ladd
HereafterStunt Coordinator (MoCap Unit)Warner Bros. / Clint Eastwood
Green LanternStunt PerformerGary Powell
UnstoppableStunt Double - Ethan SupleeGary Powell
Red DawnMotion Capture DirectorMGM
The Book of EliStunt PerformerJeff Imada
InvictusMotion Capture DirectorWarner Bros. / Clint Eastwood
HighwayStunt PerformerRob King
Blood ShotStunt PerformerTim Sitarz
The RundownStunt PerformerAndy Cheng
Starsky & Hutch Stunt Double - Chris PennDennis Scott / Gary Davis
The Day After TomorrowStunt PerformerCharlie Brewer
No RulesStunt PerformerWill Leong
The Longest YardStunt PerformerDoug Coleman
BewitchedStunt PerformerDoug Coleman
FeastStunt Double - Duane WhitakerHiro Koda
The DarkroomStunt Double - Greg GrunbergDanny Wayne
UltravioletFight Choreo TeamMike Smith
Entity: NineStunt PerformerBen Bray
Mission: Impossible 3Stunt PerformerVic Armstrong / Joey Box
PoseidonStunt PerformerRick Avery / Doug Coleman
Southland TalesStunt PerformerTim Trella / Tanoai Reed
World Trade CenterStunt PerformerDoug Coleman
The PrestigeStunt WarderRick Avery
Smokin AcesStunt PerformerBen Bray / Frank Torrez
D-WarStunt PerformerBud Davis
Undead or AliveStunt Double - Chris CoppolaAl Goto
Blades of GloryStunt PerformerDoug Coleman
Nancy DrewStunt Performer / Henchman #2John Robotham
Mr. WoodcockStunt Double - Ethan SupleeGary Jensen
Semi-ProStunt PerformerBrian Machleit
The Onion MovieStunt PerformerKeith Adams
Superhero MovieStunt PerformerCharles Croughwell
Get SmartStunt PerformerDoug Coleman
Lakeview TerraceStunt Double - Keith LonekerBen Bray
The Red LineStunt CoordinatorJoshua Shain
MaroonedStunt CoordinatorRyan Nagata
Crossing OverStunt PerformerKurt Bryant
Bitch SlapStunt PerformerZoe Bell
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenStunt PerformerKenny Bates
TransformersStunt PerformerKenny Bates
Kambakkht IshqStunt PerformerSpiro Razatos
The Spy Next DoorStunt PerformerBob Brown
Midnight SunStunt CoordinatorJohn Baumgartner
Resident Evil: DegenerationMotion Capture DirectorSony / Makoto Kamiya
CastlevaniaMotion Capture DirectorKonami / Masaru Matsumoto
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianStunt Coordinator/MoCap DirectorWalt Disney
BrinkStunt CoordinatorBlur Studios / Tim Miller
Fight Night: ChampionStunt CoordinatorEA / David Footman
The 3rd SocietyStunt CoordinatorWarrior Ent. / J.A. Steel
The Girl with the Dragon TattooStunt Double - Yorick van WageningenBen Cooke
Trophy WifeStunt CoordinatorABC
Hello LadiesStunt CoordinatorHBO
Richard Hammond's Crash CourseCo-Stunt CoordinatorBBC Worldwide
VegasStunt PerformerKurt Bryant
JessieStunt Double - Kevin Chamberlin (Mult)Rex Reddick
WorkaholicsStuntsJim Vickers
Dragon Age: RedemptionStunt CoordinatorBioware / Peter Winther
Rules of EngagementStunt CoordinatorCBS / Gail Mancuso - Dir.
Best PlayerStunt CoordinatorPacific Bay Ent(Canada) / Damon Santostefano
UndercoversBig RussianJoey Box
NCISStunt Performer (Mult. Eps.)Diamond Farnsworth
NCISEric Killian (Guest Star)Diamond Farnsworth
24Stunt Performer (Mult. Eps.)Jeff Cadiente / Matt Taylor
ChuckStunt Performer (Mult. Eps.)Merritt Yohnka
CommunityStunt PerformerMike Gunther
TraumaStunt PerformerKevin Scott
CalifornicationGuest StarJim Vickers
MonkStunt DBL - Brad Grunberg / Jon Favreau(mult. eps)Charlie Brewer
My Name is EarlFight Choreographer / Assist. Stunt Coord.20th Century Fox
My Name is EarlStunt Double - Ethan Suplee (mult. eps)Al Jones
LostStunt Double - Jorge Garcia (mult. eps)Mike Trissler
EntourageStunt PerformerJim Vickers
Ugly BettyStunt PerformerMary Albee
Numb3rsStunt PerformerJim Vickers / Peewee Piemonte
The Year Without Santa ClausStunt Double - Ethan SupleeHiro Koda
StandoffStunt PerformerCarrick O'Quinn
JerichoMarty (Co-Star)Norman Howell / Mike Gunther
Ghost WhispererStunt PerformerAlex Daniels
General HospitalStunt PerformerTim Davison
ThresholdStunt PerformerEddie Perez
E-RingStunt PerformerJimmy Romano
Grey's AnatomyStunt Double - Brent SextonMerritt Yohnka
CSI: MiamiStunt PerformerJim Vickers
J.A.G.Stunt PerformerDiamond Farnsworth
The CatchStunt Double - Greg GrunbergGregg Smrz
Star Trek: EnterpriseStunt Klingon (Guest Star)Vince Deadrick Jr.
HuffStunt Double - Oliver PlattMerritt Yohnka
Las VegasStunt DoubleWalter Scott
The ShieldStunt Double - Brent SextonMerritt Yohnka
The D.A.Stunt Double - John DiRestaNoon Orsatti
CharmedStunt Performer (Mult. Eps.)Noon Orsatti
She SpiesStunt PerformerJim Vickers
AliasStunt Double - Greg Grunberg (Mult. Eps)Shauna Duggins / John Medlen
The Bold & the BeautifulStunt Performer (Mult. Eps.)Michael Cassidy
AngelStunt Performer (Mult. Eps.)Mike Massa / Jeff Cadiente
Buffy the Vampire SlayerStunt PerformerJohn Medlen
Birds of PreyStunt Performer (Mult. Eps.)Hiro Koda
Hunter: Return to JusticeStunt PerformerRussell Solberg
The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in HollywoodStunt PerformerPaul Baxley
.comEDYStunt CoordinatorMike Mariano
The Legend of NeilStunt CoordinatorComedy Central / Sandeep Parihk
The GuildStunt CoordinatorKnights of Good / Felicia Day
Music Videos
Motion Capture
Halo 4Stunt Coordinator / Elite / Spartan343
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityStunt CoordinatorSlant 6
J. EdgarMotion Capture PerformerClint Eastwood / Michael Owens / Michelle Ladd
HereafterStunt CoordinatorClint Eastwood / Michael Owens
Fight Night: ChampionStunt CoordinatorEA / David Footman
Red DawnMotion Capture DirectorMGM / Dan Bradley
InvictusMotion Capture DirectorClint Eastwood / Michael Owens
Best PlayerStunt CoordinatorDamon Santostefano
NeverfailBlack Death (Acting/Stunts)Peter Lauer
Resident Evil: DegenerationMotion Capture ProducerDigital Frontier (Japan)
Capcom BaseballMotion Capture ProducerDigital Frontier (Japan)
CastlevaniaMotion Capture ProducerDigital Frontier (Japan)
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianMotion Capture DirectorWalt Disney
BrinkStunt CoordinatorBlur Studios
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Teams
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Ratchets, Trampoline, High Fall, Squibs, Air Rams, Precision Driving, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Martial Artist, Reactions, Tumbling ~ Advanced, Certified Scuba Diver - PADI, Bungee Jumping, Rappelling, Wire Work, Hong Kong Wire Work, Fire Burns, Weapons ~ General, Jet Skiing, I Ground Pound, Motion Capture, Dialogue
Athletic Skills: Boxing , Football, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Softball, Volleyball, Wrestling
Accents: Middle Eastern, Midwest, Southern, Japanese, Texan
Spoken Languages:
Motion Picture Driving Clinic, Palmdale, CA, Extreme Stunt & Precision Driving, Rick Seaman, 2005, I am a former Instructor of this school versed in all levels of action driving.
**Available Upon Request****Available Upon Request****Available Upon Request**
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Internet Projects, Music Video, Theater, Voice Over
Job Categories: Dialogue / Acting, Directing, Stunts, Visual Effects, Stunt Coordinator, Fight Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, Movement Choreographer, Motion Capture, Fire Specialist, Stunt Rigger, Stunt Double, Stunt Performer
Prior Job Title(s): International Stunt Association, Stunt Coordinator, Motion Capture Director, Action Performer, Dialogue
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: California
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: Tennessee
Do you have a valid passport?: yes
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