Anthony Martins
Anthony Martins
5 ft. 7 in.
145 pounds
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Shoe Size:
8 1/2 or 9
Coat/Dress Size:
Caucasian / White, Indian/South Asian, Latin/Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mixed
PDF Resume:
PDF Head Shot:
Van Nuys California United States
Anthony's Action Reel
Film Credits
Going UnderLatin Cholo #2/Fight/G. PoundJames Armstrong
Whiskey Tango FoxtrotTaliban #1/Ratchet/Face Plant David Rowden
CreedAssistant Stunt Coordinator/BoxerClayton Barber
MaxTaliban #2/Utility StuntsDoug Coleman/Brian Machleit
McFarlandHigh School Dbl./Sitting On Bridge Railing-22ft./Running/Ground PoundSteven Davison/Matt Leonard
Any DayBoxerMatt Anderson
SuperfastMexican Pastor/Fight/Ground PoundKeith Adams
Chuck Hank and The San Diego TwinsGang Member/Fight/Ground PoundTJ White
Life After BethStunt Driver/Near MissRay Siegle/Ben Bray
Prison RaidDirving/Fights/G. PoundsSean "Speedy" Christopher
Time In BetweenFight/Boxing CoordinatorLee Whittaker
Hands Of Stone (Pre-Production)Stunt DoubleJ.J. Perry
SavagesCartel Guy #2 (Stunt Driver)Keith Woulard
Bad AssLatin Gangbanger #1 (Fight/Fall)Mike Kartvedt
Spiderman 4Utility (Lizard)Andy Armstrong
Fast 5Stunt Double (Train Heist)Gary Hymes/Jim Churchman
A Better LifeKid Stunt DoubleTrampas Thompson
The Green HornetLatin Gang Member (Fire Arms)Andy Armstrong
Family WeddingWedding Toss/CatchBret Jones
G.I. JoeR.A. Rondell/Keith WoulardStunt Double/Utility Stunts
Iron Man (Re-Shoots)Utility ( Arab Village Dad)Tom Harper
You Don't Mess With The ZohanArab Guy With Gun (Kicked/Ratchet/Wall)Scott Rodgers
Indiana Jones 4Utility (Tribal Warrior)Gary Powell
Meet The SpartansStunt Dbl./Kicked/FallsKeith Adams
Iron Man Ratchet/Ground Pound (26ft.)Tom Harper/Keith Woulard
Charlie Wilson's WarFood FightRick Avery
The Kingdom (Re-Shoots)Utility StuntsBuddy Joe Hooker
The Kingdom Arab Backseat Mercedes Shooter (Utility)Phil Neilson/Keith Woulard
13 Dead MenFightsArt Camacho
Barrio WarsFire Arms/Squibs/WireJuddson Linn
SlammedPool Fall/FightGary Wayton
BlackishJanitor/TackledEddie Watkins
ColonyDbl/Head Shot/ Flip into DumpsterAustin Brewer
Lethal WeaponGang Member/Dbl/Car Hit/FightTim Trella
Ray DonovanFight/Boxing CoordinatorShauna Duggins
The NIght Shift (Multiple Epsiodes)Turkish Guard (Fight)Al Goto
Fear Of The Walking Dead (Multiple Episodes)Narco Cartel/Zombie/Ground PoundJames Armstrong
MacGyverPakistani Guard/Explosion/FallNorman Howell
PresenceRack Samaritan/FightTom Struthers
KC UndercoverThug/Fight/Thrown Thru WindowJon Epstein/Nick Benseman
Rush HourFight/Reactions/G. Pound/Thru a WindowJeff Wolfe
SnowfallFights/Reactions/G. PoundTerry Leonard
The PlayerStunt DoubleEric Norris/Paul Lacovara
WestworldSoldier/Bullet Hit/G. PoundMike Watson
The LeftoversStunt Runner #2/ Run/Car Hood SlamJustin Reimer
Epic OffendersBear Suit/Crash Through WallJess King/Casey O'Neill
Major CrimesStunt Dbl/SUV Window Fall/Ground PoundSpike Silver
Hand Of GodHard Head #3 (Fight)Mark Rayner
CSIInmate/Prison FightJon Epstein
State Of AffairsQatar Police/FirearmsBen Bray
Big Time Hollywood, FL (Multiple Episodes)Drug Dealer/Cop/Squibs/Ground PondGreg Fitzpatrick
Bad JudgeBoxing CoordinatorBret Jones
ShamelessGreek Valet Guy/FightEddie Perez
StalkerStunt Dbl./Reaction/Ground PoundJeff Wolfe
Criminal MindsTortured VictimTom Elliot
Aquarius (Multiple Episodes)Stunt Dbl./Flatback/Ground PoundJustin Reimer
Teen Wolf (Multiple Episodes)Hunter/Dbl./Wires-Hand Pulls/Flatback/Ground PoundBrycen Counts/Gary Stearns
You're The WorstSquibs/Hill Fall/Roll/Ground PoundGreg Fitzpatrick
The ThundermansYoung UPS Guy/Face PlantKim Koscki
Battle CreekStunt Dbl./Closelined/Flat BackGary Jensen
East Los High (Multiple Episodes)Stunt Coordinator/Latin ThugRyan Sturz/Anthony Martins
Chicago PDStunt Double/Fights/Head SquibTom Lowell
Chicago FireLatino Thug DriverRick Lefevour
NCISPakistan #4/Ground PoundDiamond Farnsworth
IntelligenceDriver/Firearms/Squibs/Groun d PoundJim Vickers/Mike Gaines
The Last Ship (Multiple Episodes)Al Queida/Firearms/Explosion/La tin Guard/Shot/G PoundKeith Woulard/Lin Oeding/Garrett Warren
The AfterGangster/Driver/Guns/Explodi ng GlassDanny and Lisa Weselis
IronsideStunt Double/FightMerritt Yohnka
Castle (Multiple Episodes)Stunt Dbl./Tackled/Ground PoundGreg Barnett
ScandalStunt Double/FightDon Ruffin
SouthlandBuff Naked Guy #2 (Bath House Fight)Peewee Piemonte
Parks and RecreationStunt Dbl./Pool Push/JumpJoe Bucaro
VegasStunt Double/Thrown Through WindowAl Goto
Living LoadedMexican Worker (Roof Fall - 12ft.)Marc Scizak
The MentalistBottle Head Hit/Ground PoundKevin Derr
AwakeStunt Dbl./Chase/Fence Jumps/TackledJim Sharp
Call Of Duty (Test Shoot)Ratchet/Airplane Wall/Zero GravityTom Harper
The OfficeBoxing CoordinatorAl Jones/Bret Jones
Sons Of Anarchy (Multiple Episodes)ND Stunts (Hits/Ground Pounds)Steve Davison/Eric Norris
The Tonight ShowMexican Immigrant (Wall Gag)Erik Solky
TorchwoodStunt Double (Tackled/Ground Pound)Buddy Joe Hooker
Breaking BadT-BonedAl Goto
OutsourcedIndian Guy (Paintball Hits)Bret Jones
BonesItalian Guido Guy (Dance/Punched/Fall)Tim Davison
Flash ForwardArab Terrorist (Fire Arms/Explosion/Fall)Danny Weselis
Big Time RushKid Double/Hit/Fall/Jump (Shopping Cart)Vince Deadrick, Jr.
NCIS: Los Angeles (Multiple Episodes)Kid Dbl./Dbl./Tackled/Rail JumpR.A. Rondell/T. Brown/J. Dashnaw
The ForgottenBoxing CoordinatorAndy Armstrong
CSI MiamiStunt Double (Gun/Fall)Jim Vickers
Dark Blue (Multiple Episodes)Tortured Cop/BoxerAndy Armstrong/Craig Baxley, Jr.
My Own Worst EnemyStunt Double/FightIan Quinn
Eleventh HourGuatemalan Teen (Car Hit/Fire Escape Fall)Andy Armstrong
Everbody Hates ChrisItalian Highschool BoxerWally Crowder/Ray Siegle
Women's Murder ClubKid Stunt Double/Chase/Fence/FallSteve Davison
CSI New York (Multiple Episodes)Squibs/Falls/Dbl./Chase/Grou nd Pound/Truck Crash/BicycleNorman Howell/Erik Stabenau
24 (Multiple Episodes)Dbl./Ground Pound/Fall/FightJeff Cadiente
Poet's WarArab Military StuntsJimmy Romano
The Unit (Multiple Episodes)N. Howell/T. Brown/S. DavisonDbl./Utility/Descender (298ft.)
WantedDbl./Squibs/Ratchet/Fire Arms/Ground PoundNorman Howell/Billy Burton, Jr.
The Agency (Multiple Episodes)Dbl./Bull Dog/Fire Arms/SquibsNorman Howell
Resurrection Blvd.BoxerJimmy Nickerson
BMWDriver/BMW Service TechAnthony Martins
Direct TVSmall Stunt Guy/Wire WorkGeorge Cottle
Tiger Wood's Nike CommercialBoxing RefereeAnthony Martins
Nationwide InsuranceHero DriverAnthony Martins
American Heart AssociationBoxing Coordinator/BoxerAnthony Martins
ARRI Camera PromoBoxerAnthony Molinari
Monster Energy DrinkPick Up Truck Driver (Near Miss/Pedestrian)Marcus Young
FX Promo (UFC/MMA)BoxerMarcus Young
BMWUtilityHubie Kearns/Eddie Braun
24 Hr. Degree DeodorantLatin Bad Guy (Car Hit/Utility)Jeff Cadiente
Chevy MalibuBank Robber (Fall/Ground Pound/Car)Pat Romano
2 Cadillac CommercialsRecurring ND DriverBen Bray
SubaruBoxerRocky Capella/Ray Siegle
Fox SportsFanatic Fan (Ground Pound/Wall)Eddie Braun
Pro Wrestling"Gravel" (Mini - Me Version of "The Rock")Belinda Belle
Pro WrestlingMini "Bin Laden"Belinda Belle
Pro WrestlingRefereeBelinda Belle
Music Videos
The FrayFights/Ground PoundLee Whittaker
Maroon 5 BoxerRay Siegle
Motion Capture
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Ratchets, Trampoline, Squibs, Air Rams, Precision Driving, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Reactions, Rappelling, Wire Work, Weapons ~ General, Car Hits, I Ground Pound, Extreme Sportsman, Motion Capture, Dialogue, Driving: Car to Car Hits, Low Falls 30'-Under, Weapons: Guns, Mini Tramp, Creature Suit / Prosthetics, Descender, Decelerator, Stair Falls, Footfalls
Athletic Skills: Baseball , Basketball, Boxing , Football, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Bowling, Skateboarding, Snow Skiing, Softball, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Pro Wrestler - WWE, Billiard Player, Bicycle Work
Accents: Italian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, New York (Bronx), New York (Brooklyn), Puerto Rican
Spoken Languages:
Dance: Club/Freestyle, Hip Hop
John Bray Boxing, Van Nuys, CA, John Bray
Brothers Gym, Winnetka, CA, Boxing, Vinnie Curto
Gannon University Football, Erie, PA, 4yr. Runningback/Wide Receiver (1yr. Coach)
Golden Gloves Boxer, Erie, PA
SAG Stunt Esenble Nominee, Spiderman 4
SAG Stunt Esemble Nominee, Iron Man
SAG Stunt Esemble Nominee, Indiana Jones 4
SAG Stunt Esemble Nominee, The Kingdom
SAG Stunt Scene Emmy Nomination, The Unit (Pilot)
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Industrial, Internet Projects, Music Video, Television, Theater
Job Categories: Dialogue / Acting, Stunts, Stunt Double, Stunt Performer
Prior Job Title(s): Stunt Double, Stunt Performer, Stunt Actor, Stunt Driver, Utility Stunts, Stunt Fights, Boxing Coordinator, Assistant Stunt Coordinator
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: California
What state are you considered a Local Hire?:
Do you have a valid passport?: yes