Kelli Barksdale
4 ft. 8 in.
85 pounds
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Shoulder Length
Shoe Size:
5 women, 2 1/2 kids
Coat/Dress Size:
Kid 12-14
PDF Resume:
PDF Head Shot:
California United States
Doubles 1:
Linda Hunt
Doubles 2:
Cole Sand
Doubles 3:
Kids 8-12
Doubles 4:
Caitlin Carmichael
Doubles 5:
Daniel DiMaggio
Unique Traits:
Little Person, Stunt Kids
Caucasian / White
Stunt Reel March 2013
"Reel Steel" behind the scenes Featurette with Kelli
Velvetta Rotel Commercial
Kaylien- Lead Actress/stunts directed by Zoe Salanda-film about Autism and Bullying/ playing Austistic child who feels like an alien (on the outside)
Hesher Stunts
Film Credits
HomeTeenage GirlJohn Dixon/ April 2014
Any DayDoubleMatt Anderson. 2014
Deliverance CreekDoubleJeff Schwan 2013
El ChupacrabraLead Chupacabra CREATUREBrad Coolidge/ Coordinator Jeff Schwan
CootiesStunt ActorMatt Berberi 2014
Me him HerHot Teen DriverKurt Bryant 2014
MercyStunt DoubleRob King/ 2014
Paranormal Activity 3 Katie Stunt DoubleRob King/ Paramount Pictures
Real Steel Dakota Stunt/Photo Double Garrett Warren
Kaylien Lead Actress/Stunt Glamour Magazine Zoe Salanda/ Colin Follenweider
Least Among Saints 2012Wade Stunt/p.DNorman Howell
Battle of Los AngelesStunt Double-Joey KingJoey Box/ Columbia Pictures
HesherTJ Stunt DoubleNash Edgerton / Blue Tongue Films
Little FockersDoubleGarrett Warren 2011
OrphanEster Stunt Double Alex Daniels 2009
Step BrothersStunt ActorGary Davis 2008
Bad TeacherStunt ActorMelosi Leonard/ 2011
Sympathy for Delicious Teddy Bear Girl/ ActressMark Ruffalo/ Maya Entertainment 2011
About a BoyStunt ActorMerritt Yohnka/ March 2014
100 things to Do before High School- Stunt DoubleVince Deadrick Jr. 2014
Trophy Wife Stunt DoubleThom Williams/ 2014
About a BoyStunt DoubleMerritt Yohnka 2014
JustifiedDoubleBen Scott- 2014
SAm and CatStunt Actor-Vince Deadrick Jr/ 2013/ Nick
New GirlStunt ActorJimmy Sharp- 2013
Divide and Conquer (pilot) Stunt DoubleBen Scott -Sept 2013
Neckpee Island-Disney PilotStunt Double-oct 2013Gary Wayton/ Bro List/ 2010
The MillersStunt DoubleAl Jones ;-) 2013
Criminal Minds Stunt DoubleTom Elliot- Sept 2013
RevolutionStunt ActorJeff Wolfe Season 2.1 2013
The Neighbors Season 1 Stunt DoubleScott Workman/ 2013
Do No HarmStunt DoubleJustin Riemer 2013
Teen wolfStunt DoubleBrycen Counts/ 2013
The Neighbors Stunt DoubleJon Epstein 2013
Quest- pilotStunt DoubleMerritt Yohnka/ 2013
SubugartoryStunt DoubleLarry Nicholas/2013
NCIS-LALinda Hunt Stunt DoubleTroy Brown/2013
Isabel-pilot 2012Isabel Stunt Dbl.Brett Jones
Shameless /Season 2/ 2012/ 3 episodesCarl Stunt DoubleLaura Albert
Jessie- 5 episodes as doubleStunt Double/Stunt ActorRex Reddick/ Ray Siegle/ Mike OwenDisney/ Season 1 2012
Chelsea Handler Show- 2 episodesStunt DoubleRex Reddick/Mike Owen/ 2012
HouseStunt DoubleJim Vickers/2012
Ant Farm Stunt ActorRay Sielge/ Disney/ Season 1 2011
one Tree HillStunt DoubleDino Muccio/Flightless Bird/ 2011
In Plain SightStunt DoubleJimmy Romano/ 2011
Law and Order-LAStunt DoubleJoel Kramar 2011
HouseStunt DoubleJim Vickers/Fall From Grace/ 2011
CSI- MiamiStunt DoublePhil Culotta/ Last Stand/ 2011
Pack of WolvesStunt DoubleRex Reddick/ Pilot/ Disney/ 2011
NCIS- LA Linda Hunt Stunt Double- Troy Brown /Archangel/ 2011
One Tree HllStunt DoubleDino Muccio/Darkness on Edge of Town/ 2011
Big Time RushStunt DoubleVince Deadrick Jr/ 2010
Gullivers Travel-pilotStunt DoubleVince Deadrick Jr/ 2012/ Disney
Lie To MeDouble-Insurgant KidSteve Davidson/ React to Contact/ 2010
Sons of TusconStunt ActorCarrick O'Quinn/ 2010
Good Luck Charlie Season 1- 3 episodesGabe DoubleRex Reddick/Disney/ 2010
Good Luck Charlie- Season2 DoubleRex Reddick/Disney/ 2011
Zeke and LutherDoubleGary Wayton/ Season 3/ Disney 2011
Jessie- 2 episodes as stunt ActorStunt actorMike Owen/ Ray Seigle
Zeke and Luther DoubleGary Wayton/ Bro List/ 2010
Bucket and SkinnerDoubleMike Owen
Bev hill 90201Actress/Sorority GirlSeason 1 2009/Party is Over
Ghost Whisper- 7 episodes (2007-2009)DoubleAlex Daniels 2009
Everyone Hates ChrisStunt ActorChris Rock/ Season 1/ 2006
Everyone Hates ChrisActress/ MandyMinimum Wage/Season 3/2007
Self MedicatedActress/ Ward PatientPromise Pictures 2007
ClaireActress/ BabysitterHallmark Channel 2007
The Neighbors Season 1 Max DoubleScott Workman
El ChupacabraLead Chupacabra CreatureBrad coolidge/ Coordinator Jeff Schwan
Chevy-NationalPrinciple Actor/Costume Work2013/ Robert Devine/Special Effects
FordStunt DoubleJoey Box/2013
Velvetta- Blown AwayStunt ActorRenee Mousseux 2010
Music Videos
Motion Capture
Real SteelPerformer/DoubleGarrett Warren 2011
Behind the Scenes of Motion CAp Work DocumentaryPerformer/DoubleMark Ginther 2011
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Ratchets, Trampoline, Precision Driving, Horseback Riding, Fight-Guy/Gal (General), Reactions, Wave Runner, Sky Diving, Rappelling, Wire Work, Weapons (General), Jet Skiing, Car Hits, I Ground Pound, Motion Capture, Dialogue, Rick Seaman's Super Level 1, Low Falls (30'-Under)), Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Weapons: Guns, Weapons: Knife, Car Work, Mini Tramp, Martial Arts (Basic), Tumbling (Basic), Creature Suit / Prosthetics, Med-Fall (30'-60'), Prat Falls, Descender, Decelerator, Stair Falls, Water Work
Unique Talents: Kid Double/Stunt Actor
Athletic Skills: Baseball , Golf, Gymnastics, Rollerblading, Swimming, Tennis, Bowling, Ice Skating, Skateboarding, Snow Skiing, Softball, Water Skiing, Yoga, Flying Trapeze, Rock Climbing, Waverunners, Billiard Player, Tae Bo, Roller Skating, Cheerleader, Kayak
Accents: Southern
Spoken Languages:
Dance: Club/Freestyle, Modern
Edgemark Performing Arts, Santa Monica, Acting, Scene Study, Improv, 2013
Academy of Movement Arts-Tim Storms, High Falls, Advanced Wire Work, Weapons,Stunts: Rick Seaman Driving Course ,Trampoline and Trapeze School-Santa Monica Pier, Equinox- Santa Monica- 2007-current -Yoga, Boxing, kickboxing,dance,pilates; Beaties Softball Team 2013, ; Marina Tae Kwon Do, Bob Yerke, Scuba Training (not yet certified),, California School of Skateboarding 2011,;Acting: Promenade PlayHouse- Scene Study, TVI Actors Studio NYC-Cold Reading/Soap & Commerical Technique TVI Actors Studio Los Angeles,National Intensive Showcase/ Sitcom/Soap Technique,University of Tennesse-Broadcasting Degree, Los Angeles
Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA) Instructor-5 years during college. -taught partner Stunts, Cheer Choreography, dance, , taught summer camps at College Campuses around USA, was recruited out of High School and worked for UCA all during college. 5 years total.
UCA National Cheerleading Championship EPN, 2 time National Champ- Germantown H.S Memphis, TN,
Alex Daniels-referral letterStunt Coordinator-
Ray Siegle- referral letterStunt Coordinator-
Nash Edgerton- referral letterStunt Coordinator
Gary Wayton referral letterStunt Coordinator
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Internet Projects, Radio, Television, Voice Over
Job Categories: Acting, Stunts, Motion Capture, Stunt Double
Prior Job Title(s): current-School on Wheels- Tutor Homeless Kids, Kid Stand-in/ Photo double-2004-2007, E! Entertainment- sales Assistant-NYC, Memphis Radio Group, HGTV (home and Garden TV) intern during college then hired after graduated.
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: California
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: Tennessee
Do you have a valid passport?: yes