Eric VanArsdale
Eric VanArsdale
5 ft. 7 in.
145 pounds
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Asian, Indian/South Asian, Mixed, Native American, Pacific Islander / Polynesian
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California United States
Driving Reel
Gun Forms, Reload & Tactics
Soccer footage
Rough demo
2019 Horse Reel
Film Credits
LaundromatStuntsSC: Charlie Croughwell
Dark Phoenix (Additional Photography)Utility Stunts/ RiggerSC: Jim Churchman
El TontoStuntsSC: Marc Scizak
Captain MarvelStuntsSC: Hank Amos
Hotel ArtemisStuntsSC: Wade Allen
Den of ThievesStunt DriverSC: Joey Box /ASC: Travis Fienhage
Black PantherUtility StuntsSC: Andy Gill
Escape Plan 2StuntsSC: James Lew
Kong: Skull island (Additional Photography)StuntsSC: Wade Allen
Spiderman: HomecomingStunt PerformerSC: George Cottle/ ASC: Brycen Counts
The DomesticsStuntsSC: Nick Gillard
Diverted EdenStunt CoordinatorDir: Prince Bagdasarian
Phoenix ForgottenAsst. Stunt Coordinator/ RiggerSC: Mark Kubr
Speech & DebateStunt CoordinatorDir: Dan Harris
Blood BrothersFight Coordinator/ RiggerSC: Joop Katana
RiftStunt Coordinator
LuciferUtility Stunts/RiggerSC: Sam Situmorang
Captain America Civil WarStuntsSC: Doug Coleman/ Sam Hagrave/ Mickey Giacomazzi
Navy Seals Vs. ZombiesStuntsSC: Stanton Barrett/ Matt Thompson
ExtractionStunt DriverSC: Jame Lew/ Simon Rhee
The 5th WaveStuntsSC: Joey Box
KickboxerStuntsSC: Larnell Stoval/ ASC: Emmanuel Manzanares
GEOSTORMUtility Stunts/Rigger/DriverSC: Charles Croughwell/ ACS: Chelsea Bruland
Terminator 5: GenisysUtility Stunts/RiggerSC: John Stoneham jr./ SC: Jim Churchman
American UltraStuntsSC: Robert Alonzo
Don't Mess With TexasStuntsSC: Charles Croughwell
Get HardStunt Water SafetySC: Steve Ritzi
Cat Run 2Stunt NinjaSC: Chelsea Bruland
ConvergenceStunt DriverSC: Charles Croughwell
SelflessUtility Stunt Water SafetySC: Steve Ritzi
Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Utility StuntsSC: Mike Gunther/ Dir: Michael Bay
Left BehindStuntsSC: Toby Holguin. Dir: Vic Armstrong
Dawn of the Planet of the ApesUtility StuntsSC: Charles Croughwell
Scary Movie 5Stunt APESC: Monty Cox/ SC: Steve Ritzi
Olympus Has FallenStuntsSC: Keith Woulard/ FC: Lin Oeding
The DementedFire Burn/ StuntsSC: Stanton Barrett
Now You See MeStuntsSC: Stephen A. Pope
G.I. Joe 2: RetaliationUtility Stunts/ Water SafetySC: Steve Ritzi/ ASC: Keith Campbell
Bullet To The HeadStuntsSC: J.J. Perry/ ASC: Don Tai
Leatherface 3DUtility StuntsSC: Steve Griffin
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterWater SafetySC: Mic Rodgers/ MC: Thirl haston
LooperUtility StuntsSC: Steve Ritzi/ ASC: Lex D. Geddings
Battleship Utility StuntsSC: Kevin Scott/ ASC: Mike Justus
Jeff Who Lives At HomeWater SafetySC: Steve Ritzi
Dance of the DeadFire Burn/ StuntsDir: Greg Bishop
BarryStuntsSC: Wade Allen
NCIS LAStuntsSC: Troy Brown
LA's FinestStuntsSC: Keith Woulard
Animal KingdomStunt DriverSC: Charlie Croughwell
WestWorldStunt Samurai/RoninSC: Brian Machleit/ Doug Coleman
Cloak and DaggerStuntsAndy Dylan
Fear the Walking DeadStuntsSC: James Armstong/ ASC: Jack Tamplin
The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks (TV movie)Stunt DriverSC: Elizabeth Davidovich
MacGyverStuntsSC: Jeff Wolfe
The Last ShipStunt DriverSC: Keith Woulard
QuarryStuntsSC: Richard Burden
Into the BadlandsStuntsSC: Steve Davison
Hap and LeonardUtility stunt (Previs shooter/editor)SC: Lex Geddings
Invisible SisterUtility Stunts/RiggerSC: Rudolf Webber
The OriginalsStunt PerformerSC: Jennifer Badger/ FC: Thomas Dupont
BansheeStuntsSC: Jimmy Romano/ Marcus Young
RecklessStuntsSC: Gary Powell
RevolutionStuntsSC: Jeff Wolfe
The Lost Valentine (TV Movie)Stunts PerformerSC: Lonnie Smith
Swamp Shark (TV Movie)Stunts PerformerSC: Leigh Hennessy
HYUNDAI- Car CommercialPercision Driver/JumperSC: Chick Bernhard
Kung Fu Panda DVD Release ContestStunt NinjaCartoon Network
Music Videos
Motion Capture
Guild Affiliations
Stunt Skills
Stunt Skills: Professional Rigger, Ratchets, Trampoline, High Fall, Squibs, Air Rams, Precision Driving, Horseback Riding, Fight-Guy/Gal - General, Martial Artist, Reactions, Free-Running / Parkour, Water Safety: CERTIFIED, Certified Scuba Diver - PADI, Wave Runner, Sky Diving, Rappelling, Wire Work, Fire Burns, Weapons ~ General, Jet Skiing, Car Hits, I Ground Pound, TRAINING: Rick Seaman's Super Level 1, Stunt Driving, Driving: 180's, Driving: 360's, Driving: 90 Degree Box Park, Driving: 180 Degree Box Park, Driving: Drifting, Low Falls 30'-Under, Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Snow Boarding, Martial Arts: Eskrima, Weapons: Sword, Weapons: Guns, Weapons: Knife, Weapons: Nunchaku, Horse Transfers, Mini Tramp, Horse Falls, Fire Burns ~ Prep & Safety, Rappelling ~ ASSAULT, Martial Arts Basic, Tumbling ~ Basic, High Fall 60'-90', Prat Falls, Rescue Diver: CERTIFIED, Lifeguard: CERTIFIED, Skydiving Licence: A ~ Beginner, Skydiving Licence: B, Descender, Decelerator, Weapons: Rapier, Weapons: Broadsword, Weapons: Smallsword, Horse: Bareback, Horse: Roman, Horse: Saddle, Motorcycle: "M" Licence, Stair Falls, Fire: Full Burn, Fire: Partial Burn, ATV, Water Work, Horse: Drags, Dirt Bikes, Stage Fighting, Martial Arts: Kick Boxing, Weapons: Sword & Shield, Driving: 90's, Weapons: Pistol, Weapons: Rifle - AR-15, etc., Weapons: Shotgun, Weapons: Military, TRAINING: Rick Seaman's Super Level 2
Athletic Skills: Baseball , Basketball, Boxing , Football, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Rollerblading, Soccer, Swimming, Bowling, Fencing, Snowboarding, Volleyball, Rock Climbing, Waverunners, Billiard Player, White Water Rafting, Archery, Thai Chi, Rope Climbing, Horse: English, Horse: Jumping, Horse: Barrel Race, Horse: Western, Swimming (Competitive), Horse: Saddle Falls, Horse: Trick Rider, Bow & Arrow, Lacrosse
Spoken Languages: English
MCTA (Mississippi Combat Training Academy), Picayune, MS, Gun Fighter 101 & Pistol Carbine, Mike Honkala. Director of M.C.T.A., 2015
VATA GROUP: Intro to Carbine & Level I, Slidell L.A., Tactiacal Carbine Rifle, 2015
Rick Seaman Stunt Driving School: SUPER Level I & II, Rosamond C.A., Basic Stunt Driving, Rick Seman, 2013
VATA GROUP: Tatical Pistol: Intro & Level I & II, Slidell L.A., Advanced Handgun, 2013
Cinematic Stunts Inc. , (Kingston N.Y. ‘09), Tactical Firearms Training and Safety, Room clears, John Eric-Schuman, 2009, John has since passed in 2011
Employment Details
Work History: Commercial, Film, Industrial, Television
Job Categories: Stunts, Stunt Coordinator, Fight Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, Movement Choreographer, Motion Capture, Stunt Rigger, Stunt Double, Stunt Driver, Technical Advisor (Water Safety / Training), Consultant: (Water Safety / Training)
Prior Job Title(s): Water Safety, Stunts Driver, Stunts / Stunt Performer
Are you willing to work Globally?: yes
Authorized to work in United States?: yes
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: California
What state are you considered a Local Hire?: Georgia
Do you have a valid passport?: yes